Lost Ark: Thaemine Gate 5

Several Lost Ark players believed that they completed the Thaemine Raid after surviving the 4th gate, however it uncovered a secret 5th gate.

Embark on an adventure for the Lost Ark in a personal story that will lead you through a world of endless depth.

The game contains content for all the different levels of players, which means that some content can only be unlocked once you have reached the endgame stages.

One of the endgame activities that you can enjoy is the Thaemine Raid, which recently uncovered a hidden 5th gate.

Thaemine Raid

There are several Legion Raids that endgame players can enjoy in Lost Ark. The Thaemine Raid is supposed to be the final Legion Raid, which is a suitable ending to a long series of fantastic Legion Raids which have brought excitement to the game.

Since it is the final Legion Raid, the game’s developer, Smilegate, has announced that the first few teams to complete this raid will be rewarded generously.

This has caused many gamers to return to Lost Ark as they are interested in winning the rewards.

At the time of writing, several teams are competing against one another to be the first team to complete the Thaemine Raid.

Lost Ark: Thaemine Gate 5

Some players have had the opportunity to progress through the Thaemine raid, however, since Smilegate did not release any hints or mechanics to complete the raid before its release, players need to figure out the mechanics on their own.

Allegedly, the 3rd gate is as difficult as the 6th gate of the Brelshaza raid before its mechanics were nerfed.

Once you have completed the 3rd gate, you can travel to the 4th gate, which many gamers believed was the last gate of the raid.

Gate 4’s rewards are supposed to be more than gates 1, 2 and 3’s combined, but it is way more difficult to complete than gate 6 of the Brelshaza raid.

Nevertheless, some teams managed to survive the raid, so they thought they had completed the raid.

However, to the team’s surprise, a hidden gate appeared at the end of the 4th gate. Some players have revealed that this gate features another 350 Health Points bars with 700 bars in total.

If you fail this gate, you will be sent to gate 4, which means that you essentially have to complete the 4th gate again before you can enter gate 5.

According to the official Lost Ark Discord server, several groups have reached the 5th gate, however, no one has been able to complete it. This is mostly attributable to the fact that no one knew that the 5th gate existed.

Furthermore, players competing for the first clear have to learn the mechanics of the 5th gate to complete it. Since it is a learning process, several teams have died while learning.

This means that they had to complete the 4th gate before they were able to progress in the 5th gate of the raid.

How to unlock the Thaemine Raid

Although Thaemine Raid is an endgame activity, not everyone will be able to access the Thaemine Raid, because the raid has only been implemented in the South Korean servers of Lost Ark.

This essentially means that if you are enjoying the game on the game’s other servers, you will not be able to enjoy the raid yet.

It is unknown when the Thaemine Raid will be implemented on the other servers, however, we recommend that you keep an eye on the official Lost Ark website as all official announcements are made on the website.

Thaemine Raid adjustments

Some Lost Ark players believe that the developers will make a few, if not, several, adjustments to the Thaemine Raid before it is officially released on the other servers.

Currently, it is undetermined which changes will be implemented before the raid is released.

It is assumed that Smilegate will make some adjustments to the mechanics, the enemies’ statistics and the battle itself.

Unfortunately, Lost Ark is yet to announce when the raid will be released, therefore, it is unknown which specific adjustments Smilegate will make.

Experiencing the Thaemine Raid

Even though you cannot experience the Thaemine Raid outside of the Korean servers, you can learn about the raid’s mechanics and features by watching a competing player’s live stream.

Unfortunately, the streams are not available on the official Lost Ark Twitch channel.

This means that you have to open a competing player’s Twitch or YouTube channel to watch their progress in the Thaemine Raid.

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