Lost Ark: Thaemine Gate 4

Gate 4 of Lost Ark’s Thaemine Raid is allegedly much more difficult to complete than Brelshaza 6th gate, however, it can be survived if you understand the mechanics.

Lost Ark has easy-to-learn mechanics with unexpected depth and room for customization within the Tripod System.

Smilegate recently announced that players enjoying the game on the Korean servers can enjoy the new Thaemine Raid, though you have to survive gate 4 to complete the raid.

Will the Thaemine Raid be available on other servers?

Lost Ark was initially released in South Korea in 2019 and it was only released in Europe, North America and South America in 2022.

It therefore comes as no surprise that new content is often first released on the Korean servers and it is released to other servers at a much later date.

At the time of writing this, only players enjoying Lost Ark on the Korean servers can enjoy the new Legion Raid -c Thaemine. However, it is believed that the new raid will be implemented on other servers in the future.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when the new raid will be released. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Lost Ark website to keep up with the latest news and announcements.

Lost Ark: Thaemine Gate 4

Thaemine is supposed to be the final Legion Raid, which ends a years-long series of fantastic Legion Raids which have brought new life to the game.

Similarly to other Legion Raids, Thaemine consists of different gates and to fully complete the raid, you must survive every gate.

It is believed that the difficulty of the 3rd gate is allegedly as difficult as gate 6 of Brelshaza was before the developer, Smilegate, nerfed the raid.

The 4th gate, however, is much more difficult to complete, as it contains unique mechanics that players have to understand.

Some players who have attempted the 4th gate have said that it is way more difficult than Brelshaza gate 6.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what the exact mechanisms are that you can experience during this gate as it is yet to be released on the global servers.

Rhythm Gamer, a Lost Ark player, recently shared some mechanics featured in gate 4. A certain mechanic requires that players press certain keys on their keyboards to attack the boss. If you do not press these keys in time, you may lose the battle.

Fortunately, the keys that you have to press will be displayed in large, glowing circles on the game’s screen when you have to press them.

Several Lost Ark players believe that Smilegate will make adjustments to the Thaemine Raid before releasing it on other servers.

You can watch players attempt gate 4 on their live streams to experience some of the mechanics that you may encounter when you progress through the Thaemine Raid.

Clearing the Thaemine Raid

Currently, no team has been able to successfully complete the Thaemine Raid for the first time. This is mostly due to the fact that Smilegate did not reveal any hints or mechanics featured in the Raid prior to its release.

Several teams have been competing against one another to be the first to clear the raid successfully.

Before the Raid’s release, Smilegate predicted that it would take a team approximately 1 week to complete the raid, as it features unique mechanics that players must learn.

The team who clears the raid for the first time will earn wondrous rewards. Moreover, it is believed that the top 10 teams who complete the raid will also receive rewards.

When will the Thaemine Raid be released on other servers?

It is currently unknown when Smilegate will release the new Legion Raid to the other Lost Ark servers.

As previously explained, Smilegate is likely to make a few adjustments to the Raid before it is released to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Lost Ark website to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements.

Although the raid is yet to be released on the other servers, you can view the Raid by watching another player’s livestream.

Watching the Thaemine Raid

Unfortunately, the competing teams’ live streams are not available on the official Lost Ark Twitch channel. This essentially means that players have to find a competing player’s Twitch channel to watch their livestream.

Keep in mind that several players are also sharing their Thaemine Raid progress on their official YouTube channel.

However, we recommend that you watch on Twitch as you will receive rewards for watching the stream for a certain period of time.

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