Lost Ark: Thaemine First Clear

At the time of writing, no one has cleared Lost Ark’s Thaemine Raid for the first time, however, players suspect it will happen within the next 2 days.

There is something for everyone in the immerse world of Lost Ark. The Thaemine Raid was recently released on the Korean servers of the game and several teams are currently competing to complete the raid for the first time.

Smilegate, the game’s developer, announced that the first team who completes the raid will earn rich rewards.

Thaemine Raid

The Thaemine Raid is allegedly the last of the Legion Raids that players can complete. Legion Raids are essentially an endgame activity that rewards you with valuable items and gold.

At the time of writing, there are 5 Legion Raid bosses, namely Akka, Brelshaza, Kakul Saydon, Vykas and Valtan.

Smilegate recently implemented the Thaemine Raid on the Korean servers, though, which  means that if you are playing on the other servers, you will not be able to attempt the new raid.

Lost Ark: Thaemine First Clear

To celebrate the arrival of the new Legion Raid, Smilegate announced that they will reward the players who complete the raid for the first time.

Even though the raid has to be completed by one or 2 teams consisting of different players, all team members will be rewarded when they complete the raid.

This may seem like an easy task, but it is quite difficult. This is because Smilegate did not release the Raid’s mechanics or features.

Players therefore have to figure out the mechanics and features on their own, so it may take some time for them to understand the raid’s mechanics and, in turn,, successfully complete it.

Smilegate revealed that it may take competing teams more than a week to clear the Thaemine Raid for the first time, so it can be said that no team has been able to clear the raid for the first time.

This also means that nobody has been able to claim the first clear rewards.

Currently, several players are competing against one another by progressing through the Raid. The table below lists some of the competing teams as well as their character’s class:

Team name Members
Saintone Group
  • Saintone (Machinist)
  • Bingu (Arcanist)
  • LustBoy (Bard)
Woorae Group
  • Woorae (Souleater)
  • Nungaru (Gunslinger)
JustWannaClear Group
  • Appelmong (Scrapper)
  • MadLife (Sorc)
Streamer of Salvation
  • Ingi (Souleater)
  • UnicMon (Gunlancer)
Gomcast Group
  • Gomcast (Artill)
  • Sulsoyeong (DB)
  • Yukinyang (Bard)
Bonking Group
  • Bonking (SharpShooter)
  • Binseroy (Zerker)
Jjonji Group
  • JiuDau (Slayer)
  • Jjonji (Striker)

Who will be the first to clear the Thaemine Raid ?

Although no team has cleared the Thaemine Raid yet, several Lost Ark players have shared their opinions about which team will clear the raid first.

On the official Discord server, Lost Ark player, Sottack, mentioned that Captain Jack’s team will be the first to clear the Thaemine Raid for the first time.

Another player, Soomganologist, mentioned that the team who will clear the raid for the first time will be determined by how the team manages the 3rd gate of the raid.

This is because the 3rd gate is as difficult as gate 6 of Brelshaza before it was nerfed. Lost Ark players have no choice but to wait to see which team will clear the raid first.

How to watch the Thaemine Race

Although the Thaemine Raid is yet to be released on the global servers, you can support the competing teams by watching their progress as they attempt to complete the raid.

Unfortunately, the teams’ progress is not live streamed on the official Lost Ark Twitch channel.

You will therefore have to watch one of the team member’s live streams if you want to watch their team’s progress.

Players should ensure that they have linked their Lost Ark accounts to their Twitch account as some streamers enabled drops. This means that you will earn rich rewards for watching a competing player’s progress through the Raid.

When will the Thaemine Raid be cleared for the first time?

No one can say when the competing teams will complete the Thaemine Raid for the first time, especially since Smilegate predicts that it will take more than a week to complete.

However, some Lost Ark players mentioned on the official Discord channel that they believe that Captain Jack’s team will complete it within the next day or 2. We recommend that you watch the team’s live stream to keep up with their progress.

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