Lost Ark: Rowen Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark contains different locations, one of which is Rowen, and in this area you can find 23 Mokoko Seeds.

Lost Ark is an exhilarating multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that invites gamers to explore the persistent world of the game.

Lost Ark focuses on the player-versus-environment gaming mode, but you will get the opportunity to fight other players.

While advancing in Lost Ark, you may come across Mokoko Seeds. However, many players have wondered where they can find Mokoko Seeds in Rowen.

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds are a collectible in the game that yields rewards based on how many you find throughout your travels. Allegedly, there are more than 1200 Mokoko Seeds that you can find in Lost Ark.

Some Mokoko Seeds are hidden in plain sight, but for some, you have to meet a certain demand in order to unlock them.

This means playing a specific song to unlock a secret path or waiting for a non-player character to move to the right location so that an action can be used to access a ledge.

Lost Ark: Rowen Mokoko Seeds

One of the regions that you can explore in Lost Ark is Rowen, which has an Adventure Tome, a Traveling Merchant, several Hidden Quests, and Mokoko Seeds. However, some Lost Ark players are curious about where the Mokoko Seeds are in Rowen.

If you begin your journey in the most northern part of Rowen, you can find 8 Mokoko Seeds. One seed is located in the southern part of the map, and 2 can be found on the western side.

In the middle of the map, you can find 4 Mokoko Seeds. For 1 of these seeds the Wolf’s Song has to appear. On the northern side, you will find another seed.

In the middle of Rowen there are 7 Mokoko Seeds, one of which can be found on the North Eastern side of the map. When you move to the Noman Prayer Tree, you will find 3 Mokoko Seeds.

However, 1 seed requires the buff from Rowen Schnapps to unlock. The remaining 3 seeds are in the southern part near the Rusty Scale Warden.

In the southern part of Rowen, you can find 8 Mokoko Seeds. It is recommended that you start on the western side of the map where there are 2 Mokoko Seeds north of Rowen Dream’s Illusion.

There is another seed North East of the Red Candle Top Shooter for which you have to purchase Reindeer Oil from Fighter.

North of Silmael Mine Frontier, you will come across another seed that is accessible via a secret passage. This seed requires 350 charisma.

Another seed can be found just south of Vagabond. If you move towards the Nomadic Village of Panorama, you will find another seed.

East of the Rustclaw Blaster, players can acquire another Mokoko Seed. If you move south towards the Sea and Candy book, you will find the final Mokoko Seed in Rowen.

How to identify Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seeds can be identified on the ground by their yellow, bean-like bodies. They are not very big, and they usually blend in with the scenery, which makes them difficult to find. When you are close to a Mokoko Seed, a prompt will appear for you to press the “G” key.

This will then show a loading bar and when it is finished, you will collect the seed. When you have collected a seed, it will appear on your map in the location in which you found it.

Mokoko Interface

If you press the “ALT” and “J” keys simultaneously, an interface will pop up which can be used to track all collectibles. If you click on the “Mokoko Seed” tab in the menu, you will be taken to a map of Arkesia with the world segregated by area.

This map shows the areas where you have collected Mokoko Seeds. If you have collected all the Mokoko Seeds in an area, the icon on the area will be gold.

Lost Ark players can view the segregated areas in more detail by hovering over specific parts on the map, which will show you how many Mokoko Seeds you have collected on each map or island.

Mokoko Seed rewards

Once you have a certain number of Mokoko Seeds, you can claim a reward. The following table lists some of the rewards that you will receive:

Quantity of Mokoko Seeds Reward
300 Totoma Card
400 Stronghold Crew Application Form
500 Crew Application
600 Mokamoka Card
700 Eurus Blueprint
800 Shy Wind Flower Pollen
900 Crew Application
1000 Structure : Mokoko Seed Monument

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