Lost Ark: Pleccia Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark gamers can find 15 Mokoko Seeds in the new continent, Pleccia, which can only be visited by players item level 1473 and higher.

Players can test their abilities in thrilling combat while diving into the epic lore of Arkesia in this thrilling video game, Lost Ark.

To progress in the game you have to complete quests, vanquish enemies and engage with interesting and varied cultures.

Pleccia Mokoko Seeds

The game’s developers, Smilegate, recently introduced the new continent of Pleccia and its secret past to Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, only players item level 1473 and higher can visit the new continent. You can find Pleccia between North Vern and Anikka on the World Map.

In addition to new achievements, monsters, vendors and vistas, there are several Mokoko Seeds that you can find scattered throughout the new continent.

Mokoko Seeds are collectibles that give your character rewards based on how many you found throughout your travels.

Although some Mokoko Seeds are hidden in plain sight, a few will require that you to meet a certain demand to unlock them.

Generally, you have to play a certain song to unlock a secret path, or wait for an NPC to move to the right location so an action can be used to gain action to a ledge.

At the time of writing, there are 15 Mokoko Seeds in Pleccia, however, some may be more difficult to acquire than others. This means that you may have to meet certain requirements to acquire the Mokoko Seeds.

Lost Ark: Pleccia Mokoko Seeds
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Mokoko Seed locations in Pleccia

Some of the Mokoko Seeds’ locations are listed below:

Mokoko Seed number Location
  • In Pleccia, you will find a big, stone statue of a girl playing a harp. Wait for the NPC in the green suit to stand in front of the statue and then press G to reveal the Mokoko.
  • The second Mokoko can be found in a building, beneath a table with 2 purple bottles on top of the table.
  • You have to progress through the main story quest to get access to this Mokoko. Climb down the stairs and walk up along the alley to the sewer entrance.
  • Players then have to pass the bridge and enter the room
  • This Mokoko can be found next to a pile of broken wood, which is to the right of a gate.

Additional seed locations

To find the other Mokoko Seeds, you can use the following tips:

Seed number Tips
  • For this Mokoko, you have to walk straight through the wall, then run to the right, before heading upwards and right again.
  • You can find this Mokoko in a dark corner of the map
  • Players have to walk into the entrance through the alleyway
  • The Mokoko can be found on a vendor’s table which has a red roof.
  • For this Mokoko Seed, you have to walk down a flight of stairs and turn right immediately.
  • The Mokoko Seed is near the edge of a platform.
  • This seed is  on a table in a building with a red carpet and red cushioned chairs.
  • You need 350 courage points to enter the room

Where are the other Mokoko Seeds?

There are 15 Mokoko Seeds you can find in Pleccia. The following table lists the locations of the other Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seed number Location
  • Players must walk down the stairs and head up to the river, where you will get the option to jump the gap.
  • The Mokoko Seed can be found near the edge of the water on a platform.
  • Press G to jump over the rail once your title is equipped.
  • The seed can be found near the rair, near the water.
  • Players have to walk down the stairs to find the Mokoko seeds in between the roof’s poles.
11 and 12
  • You can enter the dungeon by clicking on the painting at one of the specific server times
  • You can collect 2 Mokoko Seeds as you explore the dungeon
13, 14 and 15
  • You have to collect 3 different buffs to enter a secret dungeon.
  • Players must interact with a painting and a statue inside the museum and a hidden object within the mansion
  • If all 3 buffs are active, you can find 3 Mokoko Seeds near the end of the water.

Courage Points

As seen above, you need 350 Courage Points to find one of the Mokoko Seeds. The courage stat can be leveled up by completing side-quests and achievements.

If you obtain collectables, succeed in tasks and clear activities from the Adventurer’s Tome, your courage will increase gradually.

If you are an endgame Lost Ark player, you can complete Una’s Tasks, which will reward you with a ton of gold and courage.

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