Lost Ark: Paragon Token

Lost Ark has more than 10 different currencies, one of which is the Paragon Token, which is only available on a specific server.

Lost Ark is a popular multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that invites you to explore a persistent world. Although the game primarily has the player-versus-environment (PvE) mode, you can also defeat other players in the player-versus-player (PvP) mode.

There is an array of activities that you can partake in in Lost Ark, however, it is recommended that you focus on completing the game’s main story arc. As you progress in the game, you will collect different currencies, each of which has a specific objective in the game.

Some players have collected Paragon Tokens though, which has caused confusion.

Currencies in Lost Ark

There are more than 10 types of currencies in Lost Ark, and each one has a specific objective. The most common currency is Silver, and it can be used for a variety of things.

Players can purchase crafting materials, repair their character’s armour and weapons, fast travel, and upgrade their weapons.

You can also find Gold, which is the game’s trading currency. You can use Gold to purchase items at the Auction House. Players can purchase Gold from the in-game shop, and you can also procure it from in-game events.

Players can also find Blue Crystals, which are used to purchase cosmetics, consumables, pets, and Gold. Furthermore, you can use Royal Crystals to purchase skins, pets, and weapons.

Lost Ark: Paragon Token

Some Lost Ark players have discovered a new currency called Paragon Token. According to its official description, this is a token that is awarded by the Adventurer’s Guild based on your mission contribution. Players can exchange Paragon Tokens for Silver through City Gold Merchants.

Lost Ark: Paragon Token
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Paragon Tokens have caused some confusion in the game, as there is no corresponding item with the same identification number in other servers of the game.

This means that Paragon Tokens are either explicit to the western version and were already prepared for future content, or that it will be removed from the game with an update.

Allegedly, the Paragon Token was just a placeholder, or a mistake that the developers introduced to the game.

It is currently undetermined how players can obtain Paragon Tokens, however, some players believe that they can be acquired by completing Una’s Tasks for one of the Adventurer’s Guilds.

Theoretically speaking, you should be rewarded with Una Tokens, but there is a possibility that you could get Paragon Tokens instead. This theory makes sense, as the design of Paragon Tokens is very similar to that of Una Tokens, though the colour of the tokens differ.

Another theory is that Lost Ark is removing Una Tokens and replacing it with Paragon Tokens, but this is yet to be confirmed.

If you procure Paragon Tokens, it is advisable that you exchange it for Silver, which has a variety of uses in Lost Ark.

Adventurer’s Guild

Rania Adventurer’s Guild is a world quest found in Lost Ark. To get this quest, you have to complete the Powerless Pendant quest, and you have to speak to the Rankled.

In order to complete this quest, you have to go to Rania Village and ask the guards about the Adventurer’s Guild.

Players then have to speak to certain non-player characters (NPCs) before interacting with a specific object in the Adventurer’s Guild. After interacting with the object, you have to speak with Guild Master Gideon as well as Thar and Anabel.

After talking to them, you will be able to join the Adventurer’s Guild and earn rewards accordingly.

Una’s Tokens

One theory states that Paragon Tokens will replace Una’s Tokens in Lost Ark, however this is yet to be confirmed. In order to get Una’s Tokens, you have to complete daily tasks with each of your characters.

If you complete the tasks, you will be rewarded with 2 tokens. You can also complete weekly tasks, which will give you 12 tokens when the task is completed.

Players can use Una’s Tokens to get Gold, which is considered a rare currency in Lost Ark. If you get enough Tokens, you can visit the Gold Shop to exchange your tokens for Gold.

Where you can find Paragon Tokens

Unlike other currencies in Lost Ark, Paragon Tokens cannot be found in the currency menu.

You can find these tokens by clicking on your storage icon and then opening your “Content” tab. Next, you have to open your “Exchange Materials” tab, where you will find the Paragon Tokens next to Una’s Tokens.

If you have collected Paragon Tokens, they will be in your inventory. However, if you are yet to collect the Tokens, you will not find them in your storage.

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