Lost Ark: Jump Start Story Express

The latest Lost Ark update introduced Story Express, and several players are using the South Vern Pass to progress.

You can engage with interesting and varied cultures, befriend or battle magnificent beasts and dive into immersive lore in this engaging video game, Lost Ark.

The game’s developer, Smilegate, recently implemented the Jump-Story servers, which introduced the Story Express missions to the game.

Lost Ark: Jump Start Story Express

On Wednesday, 13 September 2023 Smilegate launched the Jump-Start servers in Lost Ark to give new and returning players a fresh start.

If you are playing on 1 of the 4 Jump-Start severs, you can enjoy the Story Express event to quickly experience Lost Ark’s story on your main or alternate character.

By completing the story missions, you will increase your character’s Item Level from 1 to 1415. Players can select a Story Express character through the Event Quest window and clear story missions for valuable progression materials.

Any character that has completed the On the Border quest from Rethramis can become a designated Story Express character.

This event will conclude on 13 December 2023, which means that you have enough time to complete the Story Express chapters.

Completing the Story Express chapters is a tempting activity, however, it is noteworthy that you cannot use it with the South Vern Pass.

Lost Ark: Jump Start Story Express
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South Vern Pass

After selecting your Jump-Start Server and creating a character, you will get rewards to welcome you to the new servers.

One of these rewards is the South Vern Pass, which can be used to increase your character’s Item Level to 1415 instantly.

Unfortunately, you cannot complete the Story Express activity and use the South Vern Pass to increase your character’s level. This is because the Story Express can only be completed by players level 1 to level 1415.

Should you use the South Vern Pass or complete Story Express?

If you play Lost Ark on the normal servers and decide to transfer to the Jump-Start servers, we recommend that you use the South Vern Pass, as you will have completed Lost Ark’s story already.

However, if you are a new or returning player, we recommend that you complete the Story Express activity to catch up with the game’s lore and history.

It is essential that players remember that they cannot use both features on a single character, as this will bug your gameplay.


On the official Lost Ark server, one player explained that he accidentally selected Story Express and used the South Vern Pass.

He is now unable to select the Mokoko Express feature and cannot complete the story, as there are no quests available anymore.

If this happens to you, you may have to log a support ticket to Smilegate to resolve the issue.

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