Lost Ark: Jump-Start servers

Lost Ark’s Jump-Start servers will give players the opportunity to begin a new character in a server isolated from the existing servers.

Lost Ark offers gamers easy-to-learn features with unexpected depth and room for customization within the Tripod system.

Whether you want to play solo, in groups with friends, or matched up with other adventurers in the world, there is an epic adventure awaiting you.

On Wednesday, 9 August 2023, Lost Ark released the third part of the content roadmap, which revealed the Jump-Start servers.

Lost Ark: Jump-Start servers

The Content Roadmap essentially gives players an idea of what they can expect to be introduced to Lost Ark in the near future.

In September 2023, players can enjoy the Jump-Start servers, which is the game’s developer, Smilegate’s, attempt at motivating gamers who stopped playing Lost Ark to give it another chance.

Allegedly, Smilegate conducted a study to determine why gamers stopped playing Lost Ark after some time. The study found that Gatekeeping, bots and the daily grind became too much for many gamers to handle, so they stopped playing Lost Ark.

By bringing together a big group of Jump Starters at the same time, Smilegate expects that the early and mid-game stages will feel much livelier.

Smilegate revealed that it recognized that the game encountered several challenges at initial launch, as well as that it features a steep progression curve, bots and stability issues.

Hence, Smilegate has made serious strides in addressing these problems and feels confident that the Western service is in a good place to bring gamers back to Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Jump-Start servers
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Jump-Start server details

Every region will receive a Jump-Start server, which will be isolated from other servers with independent matchmaking, party finder, marketplace and auction houses.

This allows restarting players to have an independent experience which is unaffected by existing servers.

When you play on this server, you will receive a South Vern pass to ‘Jump-Start’ a character to Item Level 1415 instantly.

You will also receive materials which provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including card packs and honing materials.

Players’ opinions

Some players have mentioned that the jump-start servers are the worst thing that Smilegate has come up with.

It was revealed in the roadmap update that the Jump-Start server will be isolated from other servers, which means that the developer will attempt to funnel all new players into a brand new server that essentially functions as its own region and separates the new players from existing players.

There are several theories on what will happen when Jump-Start is officially released. One theory suggests that it  is a great success and that it attracts a huge amount of new players.

However, it will then become a healthier population than the other servers and people will move over to the Jump-Start servers.

September 2023

In addition to the Jump-Start servers, the following will be introduced to Lost Ark in September 2023.

New feature Description
Yoz’s Jar This new consumable will introduce a range of Epic and Legendary Skins.
Affection Rapport Ranks Thirain and Nineveh are 2 characters which players have gotten to know very well during their time in Arkesia, but there is now an opportunity to deepen those relationships.
Primal Island Battle Royale You have to fight, steal and survive against pierce competition in a new battle royale style event.

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