Lost Ark: Jump-start server guide

Lost Ark’s new Jump-Start servers can be difficult to understand, but fortunately, you can use this guide to ensure that you understand its mechanics.

Whether you want to play solo, in groups with friends or pair up with other adventurers in the world, there is an epic adventure waiting for you in Lost Ark.

A recent update revealed that Smilegate is releasing Jump-Start Servers to the game, though several players are unsure of what it means. Fortunately, you can use this guide to understand all the mechanics.

Lost Ark: Jump-start server guide

The Jump-Start servers were announced in the Roadmap for 2023, but they were only implemented on Wednesday, 13 September 2023.

Smilegate revealed that the objective of these servers is to provide a fresh start for new or returning players who are interested in giving the game another try.

Playing on the Jump-Start servers, you will receive materials which provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including card packs, honing materials and more.

To begin your Jump-Start adventure, you have to select a Jump-Start server in the server selection menu.

Unfortunately, you cannot import a character from the normal servers to the Jump-Start servers, which means that you have to create a new character.

After creating a character, you can either play the prologue or skip it. If you are a new player, it is advisable that you play the prologue to understand the game’s features.

Once the prologue is complete, you can click on the notification in the upper left corner of the game.

Players will then receive rewards, including the South Vern Power Pass. If you use this item, your character’s Item Level will instantly increase to 1415.


Players should note that the Jump-Start servers are isolated from the other servers, which means that they feature independent PvE matchmaking. It also features its own Party Finder, Marketplace and Auction House.

This enables restarting players to have an independent experience which is unaffected by existing servers. Currently, there are 4 Jump-Start servers to choose from:

Region Server name
South America Elgacia
East North America Azakiel
West North America Lauriel
Europe Central Kayangel

How to increase your Item Level

Although your character’s Item Level is automatically 1415 when you use your South Vern Pass, you still have to complete activities to further increase it.

The South Vern Powerpass event will be available for Lost Ark players to use on Jump-Start Servers until 13 December 2023.

Pairing well with the South Vern Powerpass, any character between Item Level 1415 and 1540 can participate in the Jump-Start Mokoko Express event.

This event has discounted honing rates, which means that you can earn honing materials faster to level up to Item Level 1540 and beyond.

XP Boost

In addition to the Jump-Start Mokoko Express event, characters on the new servers will get a 200 percent XP increase. Gamers should keep the following in mind:

  • Roster Level XP up to level 100
  • Character Level XP up to level 60
  • Stronghold Level XP up to level 60
  • Trade Skill Level XP up to level 60

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