Lost Ark: How to jump start

To play Lost Ark on a Jump-Start server, you have to select a server and create a new character to receive a South Vern Powerpass.

Lost Ark’s diverse advanced classes allow players to explore until they find the fighting style that is ideal for them.

A recent update introduced the jump-start servers to the game, but several players are unsure of how to begin on these servers.

Lost Ark: How to jump start

The Jump Start servers were implemented in Lost Ark on Wednesday, 13 September 2023. The objective of these servers is to provide a fresh start for new or returning gamers who are interested in giving Lost Ark another try.

To start playing Lost Ark on the new servers, you have to select one of the Jump Start servers on the Server Selection menu.

Keep in mind that there are only 4 servers for the regions. After selecting your server, you must create a new character.

Players can then either play the prologue, or skip the prologue to obtain their South Vern pass. A notification will appear in the upper left corner of the game and if you select it, you can claim various rewards, including the pass.

After claiming your pass, open your inventory to consume the pass, which will increase your character’s Item Level to 1415.

Players can play or skip the guide, and you will not miss out on any information if you already played Lost Ark.

If you are a new player, we recommend that you play through the guide to ensure that you understand the game’s mechanics.


Players must select one of the available Jump-Start servers in order to use the South Vern Pass.

These servers are isolated from other servers, which means that they feature independent PvE matchmaking, Party Finder, Marketplace and Auction House.

However, PvP matchmaking and rank will be shared with the rest of the region. You can select one of the following servers to begin your Jump-Start journey:

Region Server
West North America Lauriel
Eash North America Azakiel
Europe Central Kayangel
South America Elgacia

Jump-Start Log-in Rewards

In addition to the South Vern Pass, there are many events and methods that you can enjoy on the Jump-Start servers. You will also get these rewards:

Package Contents
Jump-Start Welcome Package I
  • 2023 Summertime Mokoko Skin Chest
  • Bunny Skin Selection Chest
  • Mokoko Pet Selection Chest
  • Mokoko Hammer Selection Chest
  • Mount: Mokoboard Selection Chest
Jump-Start Welcome Package II
  • 100 Pheons
  • 10 Legendary Epic Card Pack II
  • 100 Phoenix Plumes
  • 10 Collective Battle Item Chest
  • 10 Regulus’ Light Chest
  • 1 Reskin Ticket

Special events

To celebrate the launch of the Jump-Start servers, Lost Ark is hosting special events on these servers.

The Jump-Start Mokoko Express invites players to earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item to Level 1540 and beyond.

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