Lost Ark: Brelshaza Item Level

The Brelshaza Legion Raid in Lost Ark contains different gates, each of which has a specific item level requirement.

In this fictitious video game, Lost Ark, you can enjoy exploration and adventure elements. Since the game primarily focuses on the player-versus-environment (PvE) gaming mode, you can explore a vast open world, while hunting achievements and farming collectables.

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in Lost Ark, however, it is advised that you focus on completing the main story arc.

After creating a character, you should focus on increasing his or her level by gaining experience points. You will unlock additional content as you progress to higher levels in Lost Ark.

One of the endgame activities is Legion Raids. There are different Legion Raids, each of which has specific bosses to defeat. One of the bosses you have to defeat is Brelshaza, but your items have to be on a specific level to begin the fight.

Who is Brelshaza?

Brelshaza is the Commander of the Phantom Legion, and she is considered one of the cruellest and calculating of the Evil Legion Commanders.

She is also regarded as the master of demonic sorcery. Her evil schemes sow seeds of distrust among the kings of Arkesia.

Brelshaza can be defeated in one of the Legion Raids, in which 8 players in 2 teams of 4 can attempt to complete a series of dungeons. The dungeons usually have a powerful boss that you have to defeat at the end.

The Legion Raids have a range of difficulty levels, including normal, hard, and inferno mode. You can only complete each Legion Raid difficulty in Lost Ark once a week. However, this principle does not apply to the inferno mode.

Lost Ark: Brelshaza Item Level

Brelshaza is the most cunning and ruthless of all the Legion Commanders. She is known to charm her enemies and inflict them with awful hallucinations.

Lost Ark: Brelshaza Item Level
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A Legion Raid generally has multiple stages that end with gates that lead into the next stage. Since the Brelshaza raid has many encounters, the gates work differently and the item level requirements increase with every 2 gates.

Your character thus has to be equipped with items of a specific level. If you do not meet the level requirements, you cannot enter the gate and complete the raid.

It is noteworthy that the Brelshaza raid has an easier difficulty mode available for players to practice the difficult encounter and mechanics, called Phantom Astalgia: Deja Vu. Although it is an easier difficulty mode, it also has specific item level requirements.

The different gates and specifies the item level requirements for each are:

Gates Item level requirements
Phantom Astalgia: Deja Vu To enjoy this mode, your character’s items should be at least level 1430
Gates 1 and 2 These gates have an item level requirement of 1490
Gates 3 and 4 Your character has to be equipped with level 1500 items
Gates 5 and 6 The item level requirement for these gates is 1520

Allegedly, the content becomes more difficult as the gate number increases. In other words, the first gate’s content is much easier than the sixth gate’s content. This is why there are specific item level requirements, as the monsters become progressively stronger.

How to increase item level

You can increase your item’s level once you reach level 50 in Lost Ark. Increasing your item level is a simple, yet crucial aspect of the endgame phase.

In order to increase an item’s level, you have to go through the honing process. When you first reach level 50, you have to complete a few Chaos Dungeons to get your first set of gear.

With this gear, you can speak with the honing vendor in the crafting district of a town. By interacting with the vendor, you can upgrade your gear and increase the item level.

Keep in mind that honing an item requires specific materials. When you start honing items, you will need stone fragments, harmony leapstones, and harmony shards.

What is the item level requirement for Brelshaza hard mode?

As previously stated, all the Legion Raids in Lost Ark have different difficulty modes, one of which is the hard mode. In this mode, the enemies’ health will increase, they will deal more damage, there may be additional mechanics.

If you are interested in attempting the Brelshaza hard mode, your item levels should be:

Gates Item level requirement
1 and 2 1540
3 and 4 1550
5 and 6 1560

Additional Legion Raids

In addition to the Brelshaza Legion Raid, you can attempt to complete the Valtan, Vykas, and Kakul-Saydon raids. The Vykas and Kakul-Saydon raids have 3 gates each, while Valtan only has 2.

However, the Valtan raid can be completed in Inferno mode, which is more difficult than the hard mode. It is thus recommended that only serious endgame players attempt to complete it.

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