Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear

By completing the Brelshaza Legion Raid in Lost Ark, you will unlock the ability to craft Ancient and Upper Relic gear, which can be transferred or upgraded.

Lost Ark is a well-renowned massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game that primarily focuses on the player-versus-environment gaming mode. It also features a small player-versus-player mode, in which you can defeat other players on your server.

Players can adventure through a vast open world, complete quests, hunt achievements, and farm collectables. There are numerous activities to enjoy, but it is advised that you focus on the main story arc.

One of the activities that you can enjoy is Legion Raids, however, you have to be on a specific level to unlock the feature. By completing a Legion Raid, including Brelshaza, you will acquire unique gear items.

Brelshaza Legion Raid

You can attempt to defeat Brelshaza – the Commander of the Phantom Legion, in one of the Legion Raids in Lost Ark. To complete this 6-gate fight, you have to team up with 7 other players. Players can succeed in the fight by completing specific mechanics.

The raid has 6 different gates, each of which has a specific item level requirement. If your gear does not meet the requirement, you cannot enter the gate or complete the raid.

Players have to complete a gate before they can enter the next gate of the raid.

Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear
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Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear

Every Legion Raid in Lost Ark can be completed in varying difficulty modes, including normal and hard mode. However, some raids can be completed in inferno mode, which is the highest difficulty mode in Lost Ark.

If you complete a raid, you will be rewarded with specific items, gear pieces, gold, and experience points. The rewards that you receive are determined by the difficulty mode that you completed the raid in.

When you complete the normal mode, you will earn Horns, which is one of the materials needed to craft the Upper Relic Gear. You only unlock this gear set when you have completed the raid for the first time.

Once you have completed the hard mode, you will unlock the Ancient Gear set. Moreover, you will also earn Crystals, which is one of the required materials to craft the gear.

Gamers should note that normal and hard mode of the Brelshaza raid drops the same quantity of materials. To craft the Upper Relic gear or the Ancient Gear, you need the following quantities of materials:

Gear piece Quantity
  • 40 Horns
  • 40 Crystals
  • 100 Crystals
  • 100 Horns

In total, you need 300 Horns and 300 Crystals to complete a gear set. Unfortunately, this means that you have to complete the raid a few times to farm enough materials to craft the Ancient Gear or the Upper Relic gear.

How many Horns and Crystals do you receive from a raid?

You get the same quantity of materials for completing the normal and hard modes of the Brelshaza raid. The table below lists how many materials you earn for completing specific gates in the raid:

Gate Quantity received from clears Quantity received from chests
1 3 3
2 4 4
Auction gate 2 5 Not applicable
3 3 3
4 4 4
Auction gate 4 5 Not applicable

You will only earn the first clear reward, which is allegedly 30 spices, once you complete the second gate.

Item honing

Although the item-honing process may seem inconsequential to some, it is vital in the game, since most of Lost Ark‘s progression comes from honing your gear. Honing is a process that upgrades your gear, which essentially makes the gear stronger.

To perform item honing, you have to interact with the Honing Vendor non-player characters. These NPCs can be found in Luterra, Arthetine, Rohendel, North Vern, Yorn, and Annika’s main cities.

Keep in mind that honing an item requires specific materials, including experience shards, honing stones, leapstones, and fusion materials.

Gear transfer

After crafting your Ancient and Upper Relic Gear in Lost Ark, you can perform a gear conversion, or gear transfer. This is a process that can be used to transfer your current honing level to a new piece of gear.

This can be done for various reasons, ranging from quality differences to simply wanting to carry over progress from the previous tier of gear.

Unlike honing, you do not need specific materials to perform a gear transfer. However, this process uses silver and thus, it can become quite expensive.

To perform a gear transfer, you have to speak to the gear-honing NPC and click on the “Gear Transfer” option. You can then select the target gear piece, which is the gear that you want to transfer upgrades to.

Once you have selected it, you can select the gear which is going to be used as the source gear. After selecting your gear, you can complete the gear transfer process.

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