Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear conversion

Although Gear conversion may seem like a simple aspect to some in Lost Ark, it is vital in the game as it upgrades your character.

Lost Ark is a thrilling massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game that invites gamers to enjoy a player-versus-environment gaming mode.

Although the game primarily revolves around the PvE (player-versus-environment) mode, you can defeat other players in the player-versus-player gaming mode.

You can explore a vast open world, in which you can defeat monsters, hunt achievements, and farm collectibles.

When you start playing the game, your focus should be on increasing your character’s level. It is thus advisable that you follow the main story arc to earn experience points. You will unlock and get access to additional activities as you reach higher levels.

When you reach the endgame phase, you can participate in the Legion Raids. One of the bosses that you have to defeat is Brelshaza, which drops unique gear. Players can use this gear for conversion, which is also referred to as a gear transfer.

Which gear can you acquire from Brelshaza?

The Brelshaza raid can be completed in normal and hard mode. By completing the normal mode, you unlock the Upper Relic gear and you earn Horns.

When players complete the hard mode, they will unlock the Ancient Gear set and they can be rewarded with Crystals.

Horns and Crystals are special materials that are needed to craft the Ancient Gear and Upper Relic Gear sets. It is thus recommended that you save these mats for when you need them.

In order to craft a full gear set, you need approximately 300 Horns and 300 Crystals. Unfortunately, this means that you have to complete the raid a few times.

Lost Ark: Brelshaza Item Level
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Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear conversion

Gear conversion, otherwise referred to as gear transfer, is the process of upgrading your gear. When you upgrade your gear, your abilities will become more powerful.

Item-honing is a similar process, as it can also upgrade your items. However, you can only upgrade your items through the honing process to a specific item level and when you reach this level, you have to perform a gear transfer to upgrade it further.

Lost Ark: Brelshaza gear conversion
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Unlike honing, a gear transfer does not require specific materials, but it does require silver, so it can become quite expensive.

Gear Transfer is a process that you can use to transform your current honing level into a new piece of gear.

In order to perform a gear transfer, you need to have the gear collected. This means that you first have to complete the Brelshaza raid and craft the gear. You should first complete the honing process until the maximum level before you begin the gear transfer process.

Once you have a gear piece from the Brelshaza raid in Lost Ark, you can speak to a honing non-player character to commence a gear conversion.

After interacting with the NPC, select the “Gear Transfer” option. In the new menu, players can select the target gear piece that they want to upgrade. By selecting an item, the items on the right side become limited.

This is because the list will indicate which items are eligible for gear transferring. You can select a gear piece from the list, which will function as the source gear, or material gear.

Once you have the gear pieces, you can complete the process by clicking on “Confirm transfer”.

Gear ratio

It is worth noting that gear of the same tier level will transfer at a 1:1 ratio. This means that players can carry over any honing level to a new piece of gear in the same tier, regardless of its rarity. You can thus make progress on your character.

At honing level 15, you can transfer your gear into pieces of the next tier. However, doing this resets the honing level back to 1. But it will save you a few early materials and give you a bit of a head start into your next tier of gearing.

When to use Gear Transfer

It is recommended that you use the gear transfer process sparingly. You can use it to transfer your honing level to gear with a better quality rating above 75.

However, players can also use it for transferring your honing level to pieces of gear in the same tier, but with better rarity.

Is Gear Transfer necessary?

As previously stated, you can only complete the honing process until a certain level. If you decide not to perform the gear transfer process, your items will not be upgraded further. This means that you may have a difficult time completing content in Lost Ark.

It is thus recommended that you complete the gear transfer process when you reach the maximum honing level. The gear transfer process essentially helps you progress in the game.

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