Lost Ark: Arcanist Emperor gems

The Arcanist class in Lost Ark has several builds, one of which is the Emperor, and it requires the use of specific gems.

Lost Ark is a thrilling massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) video game that invites you to explore a vast open world.

Since the game is primarily centred on the player-versus-environment mode, you can hunt achievements and collectables while completing quests.

However, you can still enjoy a player-versus-playing gaming mode, in which you can fight other Lost Ark players.

Before you can start your adventure, you have to create and customise your character. The most important decision that you make in this phase is which class your character is going to be.

There are numerous classes, one of which is Arcanist, which has several builds. One of the builds is Emperor, which consists of specific gems.


The Arcanist in Lost Ark is a fast-paced, damage-dealing mage class. It mainly relies on steady rotation of low cooldown abilities. This class’s playstyle focuses on a rotating stack of 12 cards, each of which provide different benefits.

The following table lists some of the cards Arcanist’s uses:

Card name Description
Madness Players will receive an additional attack for 30 seconds every time they use another skill
Ghost It improves your movement speed by 20 percent and reduces incoming damage by 50 percent for 16 seconds
Star It provides you with a full mana recovery and all skills are reduced by a 15 percent cooldown, except for awakening, movement, and get up
Emperor This card is only available to those with the Emperor class engraving, and it allows you to deal more damage

Lost Ark: Arcanist Emperor gems

The Emperor’s Edict class engraving is a stationary build that depends on short, compressed buff windows that can be difficult to master. Players should try to keep their cooldowns as low as possible and rotate cards quickly to activate the Emperor Card.

Every build in Lost Ark requires gems, which are unique items that influence your character’s gear. Unlike the card system, the gem system only becomes available when you reach tier 2.

If you are following the Emperor build, you must use specific gems to maximize your character’s performance. You should use attack gems on unlimited shuffle.

You can equip evoke, dark resurrection, celestial rain, checkmate, dancing of spineflower, return, stream edge, and emperor gems on your character.

However, the gems should have varying functions, which are:

Gem name Function
Celestial Rain Damage
Celestial Rain Cooldown
Dark Resurrection Damage
Dark Resurrection Cooldown
Checkmate Damage
Checkmate Cooldown
Dancing of Spineflower Damage
Evoke Damage
Evoke Cooldown
Return Cooldown
Stream of Edge Cooldown

It is noteworthy that each gem has a unique ability. The abilities of some of the gems are as follows:

Gem name Ability
Celestial Rain Call down a rain of cards at the target location to inflict 178 damage. Airborne foes receive an additional 73 damage and are slammed onto the ground. It also applies stagger damage
Dark Resurrection Throw cards at the target location to summon a Demon that attacks foes for a certain amount of dark damage and inflicts fear upon enemies for 3 seconds
Checkmate Players can quickly throw cards toward the target location to inflict 79 damage with every hit
Evoke Cast a magic circle that lasts 10 seconds at the target location. You can activate the skill again to inflict damage
Return Throw a card towards an enemy’s location to deal damage and a counterattack. Use the skill again to inflict additional damage and slam foes on the ground
Stream of Edge This gem opens 2 portal gates at the target location for 5 seconds. It attacks all foes between the gates for 22 damage over 15 hits

How to procure gems

Gems are generally not difficult to get, however, acquiring the correct gems may take time. Players can complete chaos dungeons and boss rushes to obtain gems. Alternatively, you can defeat field bosses and participate in daily events.

You can also purchase gems at the Auction House, though this can be very expensive.

Allegedly, the boss rush is ideal for farming gems, as you are rewarded with a chest full of gems. You can sell the gems that you do not need at the Auction House.

Can a gem’s level be increased?

Players can increase a gem’s level to upgrade its abilities. To begin the process, select the diamond icon in the bottom left corner of your inventory menu. This will open the fuse gems menu, and you can then insert 3 gems of the same level and tier.

These gems will combine and create a new gem that is one level higher than the tiers that you inserted.

How to equip gems

There are 11 gem slots in Lost Ark, so you can slot a total of 11 gems onto your character.

Bear in mind that you cannot equip 2 gems of the same skill and type, regardless of its level. You can equip gems by opening your character menu and selecting the appropriate gem for the item.

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