Lost Ark: Aldebaran Secret Powder

During the Aldebaran Harvest Festival Event in Lost Ark, players can obtain Secret Powder, which can be used to purchase various dishes.

Lost Ark is an adventurous massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that invites gamers to explore an infinite open world. Since the game is primarily centered on a player-versus-environment mode, you can farm achievements and collectables.

In spite of that, you can still participate in a player-versus-player gaming mode, in which you can attempt to defeat other Lost Ark players.

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy, however, it is advisable that you focus on the main storyline. The game occasionally hosts in-game events, during which you have to complete a series of tasks to get rewards.

During the Aldebaran Harvest Festival Event, players can procure secret powder.

Aldebaran Harvest Festival Event

In order to celebrate the old traditions of Aldebaran, which is Arkesia’s version of Thanksgiving, players go on journeys to collect varying kinds of foods to prepare for the big feast.

During the event, you can collect numerous useful materials, including weekly Pheons and honing materials.

To begin the event, you have to go to any capital city, where you will find a new non-player character called Morimototo, who is wearing a chef-themed Mokoko costume. Talk to the NPC to  receive a quest that you have to complete.

Gamers should note that you have to complete certain activities to collect the food. The activities include, but are not limited to, Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, and Legion Raids, among others.

Lost Ark: Aldebaran Secret Powder

Once you have reached the island, you will meet Morimototo again and he will explain the event in further detail. Essentially, you have to collect food items from various endgame activities.

Lost Ark: Aldebaran Secret Powder
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Return  to the Mokomoko Night Market, where you will find 2 exchange NPCs. Rodney is the Aldebaran Harvest Festival Exchange NPC, and Warne is the Aldebaran Harvest Festival Craft NPC. You should first talk to Warne, to discover which gift sets you can craft, and the required materials to craft it.

Once you know how to make the gift sets, talk to Rodney. There are 3 tabs of items that you can exchange your gift sets for, with the more precious items requiring higher tier gift sets.

In the “Special Sales” tab, you will notice that you can get Aldebaran Secret Powder, however, you can only exchange Drumbeat Rice cakes, Punika Fruit, Marinated Boar Ribs, and Fried Skewers for it. In other words, you have to obtain 1 of these meals to procure 10 Secret Powders.

Aldebaran Secret Powder is an epic item that can only be procured during the event. This special powder is used to create the unique flavor that is found only in Mokomoko Night Market. Players can request special dishes from the cook at the Stronghold.

Once you have Secret Powders, you can return to the Stronghold where you will find the chef. Speak to him to  purchase consumables with your Secret Powders.

Every dish that you can purchase has different effects on your character. It is recommended that you carefully decide which dish you want to purchase, before using your Secret Powders.

How to acquire food items

As previously stated, you can get food by completing endgame tasks. The table explains how to acquire each food type:

Food type How to acquire
Marinated Boar Ribs and Fried Skewers Players can acquire these items by completing Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids
Punika Fruit and Drumbeat Rice Cakes These items can only be acquired from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. However, you can also get them by completing the daily quest in the Mokomoko Night Market.

How to craft the gift sets

Lost Ark players have to get food items to craft a gift set. The higher tier gift sets require more items, which means that you have to farm the endgame activities more frequently. The table below outlines how much of each item is required to craft a specific gift set:

Gift set Items required
Aldebaran Gift Set I
  • 5 Punika Fruit
  • 5 Drumbeat Rice Cakes
 Aldebaran Gift Set II
  • 7 Punika Fruit
  • 7 Drumbeat Rice Cakes
  • 5 Fried Skewers
Aldebaran Gift Set III
  • 10 Punika Fruit
  • 10 Drumbeat Rice Cakes
  • 10 Fried Skewers
  • 6 Marinated Boar Ribs
Lost Ark: Aldebaran Secret Powder
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Which items can you obtain from the gift set?

Each gift set that you purchase can be opened to receive randomly generated items. The higher the tier of the gift set is, the better the rewards that you will receive.

Of all the things that you can get, some noteworthy items include Pheons, Una Instant Complete Tickets, Bloodclaw’s Glittering Coins, Magick Society Reagents, Metallurgy, and Tailoring Books.

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