Lost Ark: Accelerated Servers

Lost Ark’s Accelerated Servers were recently introduced, and their objective is to help players progress faster towards endgame content

There is something for everyone in the immense world of Lost Ark. Players can choose from diverse advanced classes, explore numerous continents, discover hundreds of islands and engage with interesting and varied cultures.

The game’s developer, Smilegate, recently released Accelerated Servers in the game.

Lost Ark: Accelerated Servers

In August 2023, Lost Ark revealed the third part for the 2023 roadmap, which revealed that the developers are planning to release Jump-Start servers, which are otherwise referred to as Accelerated Servers.

Smilegate hopes that this system will provide a fresh beginning for new or returning players who are interested in giving Lost Ark another try.

Lost Ark implemented the Accelerated Servers on Wednesday, 13 September 2023. These servers will help new and returning players to experience the raids, dungeons and character systems that make Lost Ark special.

Allegedly, Smilegate has recognized that the game encountered many challenges at launch, as it featured a steep progression curve, bots and stability issues.

The developers addressed these issues and hope to motivate players to return to Lost Ark with the Accelerated Servers.

Keep in mind, though, that these servers are isolated from other servers. If you play on a jump-start server, you will experience independent PvE matchmaking, a Party Finder, a Market Place and an Auction House.


Players will receive a South Vern pass to ‘Jump-Start’ a character immediately to Item Level 1415 if they play on a jump-start server.

At the time of writing, you can find 4 servers which are allocated to specific regions:

Region Server
West-North America Lauriel
East-North America Azakiel
Europe Central Kayangel
South America Elgacia

If you are playing on one of these servers, you will receive materials which provide faster vertical and horizontal progression.

You can earn honing materials and card packs, amongst other things, by progressing on the Accelerated Servers.

Special Events

Jump-Start servers will include a variety of special events to help you advance faster to jump into the endgame.

The table below lists some of the events you can enjoy on the Accelerated servers:

Event name Description
Story Express This event allows players to quickly experience Lost Ark’s story. You can select a Story Express Character through the Event Quest window and clear story missions for valuable progression materials.
South Vern Powerpass This event is designed to increase your character’s level from 1415 to 1540.
XP Boost Characters on Jump-Start servers will benefit from a 200 percent XP increase.

Arktoberfest Exchange Shop

Although the Arktoberfest Exchange Shop is on normal servers as well, this event shop differs in the Accelerated Servers.

Lost Ark players can discover a range of items that can be earned by exchanging event tokens, which will help them progress their Stepping-stone Card sets, level-up their ship, Rapport Skill Tree and Honing.

You can also procure event tokens on the Jump-Start Servers by completing Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids and by participating in the Blooming Mokoko event.

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