Lost Ark: 2nd Anniversary Skins

In order to celebrate Lost Ark 2nd anniversary, players can purchase new skins with Royal Crystals, which you can only obtain with real world money.

Players can explore a fictional world in this adventurous video game, Lost Ark. Although the game primarily focuses on the player-versus-environment gaming mode, you can also vanquish other players in the player-versus-player gaming mode.

Lost Ark’s second anniversary is coming up and players are excited to procure the second anniversary skins.

What is a skin?

A skin is a kind of cosmetic item that players can obtain in video games. Skins change your character’s appearance.

Skins can be as simple as a change in the colour scheme, which is often referred to as a Palette Swap. It can also be as complex as a new character with different lighting effects and animations.

Most video game developers are quite careful about making sure that skins do not affect the actual gameplay.

It can therefore be said that a skin can be equipped on your character to change his or her appearance, however, the character’s function and their skills are not affected.

Lost Ark: 2nd Anniversary Skins

Lost Ark was released in South Korea in December 2019. However, it was released in Europe, South America, and North America in February 2022. Since the game’s second anniversary is approaching, players can enjoy a unique event.

The official statement reads, “As a thank you to all our adventurers we’ve put together a fun event to celebrate with you. We’ve scattered letter cards around Arkesia, you’ll need to collect them then head to Master Artisan Anni and Exchange Merchant Bursery to collect your anniversary gifts.”

Lost Ark: 2nd Anniversary Skins
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In addition to the event, you will arrive on the new continent of Rowen, as it is dividing into 2 competing factions, namely, Liebertane and Preigelli. Players have to choose a side before they join their war.

To celebrate the game’s second anniversary, you can acquire new items. New armour, weapons, accessories, and more are now available with which to customise your favourite character.

Players are invited to shed last year’s skin and try on something new to celebrate the second anniversary of Lost Ark.

It is important to note that the skins that you can acquire appear uniquely for each Lost Ark class. This means that a Warrior skin appears differently from a Fighter skin, even if they fall under the same skin category.

On a Reddit forum, players have expressed their thoughts about the second anniversary skins. One player commented that Mages get the worst skins, while Fighters get the best ones.

Although some players are unhappy with the new skins, others have expressed how excited they are about them .

Can the skins be dyed?

It is alleged that players cannot change the colour of the second anniversary skins. This means that if you equip a skin, you cannot customise it according to your colour preferences. The fact that the new skins cannot be dyed has stirred up a lot of controversy.

Some players who are interested in the new skins, revealed that they will not procure them as the skin’s colours cannot be changed. It is unconfirmed whether you will be able to customise a second anniversary skin in the future or not.

How to obtain a second anniversary skin

Allegedly, players have to use the adventurer’s avatar box to select 1 of 4 designs to get a head, bottom, top, face 1, and face avatar that suits your class.

This box costs around 27 800 Royal Crystals. However, individual products can be purchased from the Lost Ark Shop by class.

Royal Crystals are Lost Ark’s premium currency. This means that you can use them to get exclusive or semi-exclusive items, including skins, pets, and weapons. In order to procure Royal Crystals, players have to purchase it with real-life money.

There are numerous Royal Crystal packages, each of which contains a certain quantity of Crystals. However, the more Crystals you purchase, the more money it will cost.

How to equip a skin

Once you have a second anniversary skin, you need to equip it to change your character’s appearance.

In order to equip a skin, you have to open your Inventory and scroll until you find your new skin. Players then simply have to right click on the skin to equip it to their character.

Only 1 skin can be equipped at all times. If you want to equip another skin, you have to right click on it to replace your current skin.

If you are looking to mix and match items or set up hot-swappable preset outfit plates, you need to open your “Character Profile” menu.

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