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Basic Information

Application Name Lords Mobile
Release Date July 26, 2013
Genre MMO strategy game
Supported Device iOS / Android / Steam
Price Free / With In-App Purchases
Developer / Publisher I Got Games
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube / Discord


Lords Mobile is a popular free-to-play video game. It combines role-playing, real-time strategy and world-building mechanics. The game allows players to participate in various game modes, the most notable of which are player-versus-player (PVP) battles.

In the game, players are able to develop their own base and build an army to attack enemy bases, destroy them, seize resources and capture enemy leaders. Generally, players can only attack enemies from their own kingdom. However, during the Kingdom vs Kingdom (KVK), all servers are open for attacks.

Players can attack world bosses and other monsters that occasionally appear on the map, in order to claim resources from them. Additionally, they are able to participate in multiple contests to earn bonuses either for the guild they are part of, or for themselves.

The following table indicates several additional gameplay modes and a description of each:

Name of gameplay mode Game mode Description of gameplay mode
Hero Stage Player-versus-environment Players are able to fight through a series of challenges using unique Heroes. Players can collect new Heroes, Hero experience and Hero equipment if they complete the stages.
Colosseum Player-versus-player In this mode, players can select up to five Heroes to fight against other players preselected Heroes. If players win the match, they will obtain Hero experience and a higher position in the Colosseum ranking.
The Labyrinth Player-versus-environment Players are able to challenge a monster to claim various resources and speed-up items.
Kingdom Tycoon Player-versus-environment Players use a luck token to role a dice, and move forward until they reach the end of the map, Players can obtain various resources, items and chests on the way. At the end, players will have to fight a gremlin to win the jackpot on Gems, the in-game currency.

How and where to get free Gems?

Ways How

Mystery Box

Players are advised to open as many Mystery Chests as possible, daily. Mystery Chests’ countdown lasts for 1 – 60 minutes, and they can contain random rewards, occasionally 50 – 100 gems.

Opening 20 Mystery Chests a day, will get 5x rewards for the additional chest.

VIP Quests

Players need to open VIP Chests, when those are ready. The players are given one chest to begin with. Extra chests are unlocked depending on the player’s VIP Level.

Logging in daily increases the VIP Level.


Every 3 hours, Colosseum awards gems to the top 5000 players in the current kingdom.The player ranking Nr. 1 in the kingdom receives 500 gems every 3 hours.

Below is the ranking chart for the 1-30 top players of the Colosseum.

Monster Hunting

The number of gems a player can earn depends on the monster’s level. Killing a Level 1 monster would the player 200 gems. Killing a Level 5 monster would get 1000 gems.

Players can earn gems even if they do not kill a monster, it depends on number of hits done to the monster. However, there is just one precondition when hunting monsters – players must be in a guild.

In-Game Events

– Hunting down rare monsters like Gemmin Gremlins could earn players anything between 50 – 500 gems.

– Completing the Solo Event within the few hours by building structures, researching, training soldiers, participating in the Labyrinth and hunting monsters. Completing Level 3 might earn 100 gems.

– Completing the Hell Event is harder, but awards greater rewards.

Players are advised to occasionally check the in-game news for updates on events.

Guild Gifts

Players stand a chance to get gems by opening Guild Gifts boxes. The gift boxes are accumulated by your guild through attacking / killing monsters.


Completing Skirmish 8 unlocks the Labyrinth. Players are given a free hit every day, however, after one hit, they will have to use gems or holy stars. The rewards are mostly resources, however, occasionally a Gemming Gremlin can award players with 300 – 500 gems.

Gemming Gremlin

Reaching Castle Level 21 unlocks Gemming Gremlin, who can reward players around 300 – 600 gems, sometimes more or less.


Players will get a “thank you gift” by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button of the feedback window. Giving honest feedback rewards players with 400 gems.

Other ways

There are many other ways to earn gems:

– linking the game to WeGamers

– adding Facebook and other social media

– entering competitions and events

– etc.

How to get Heroes?

All players will begin the game with two heroes: Oath Keeper and Dealth Archer. Players can then unlock additional Heroes by obtaining Hero Medals specific to each Hero. Players will need 10 Hero Medals to hire a hero. These can be obtained through in-game activities, players do not need to “buy” them with real money.

When it comes to the Paid Heroes, logically, they are better. Even the best Free Hero doesn’t come close to the power of the Paid Heroes. These provide a huge boost when sent into battle. They are in the mall and can be hired by purchasing various bundles.

Free Heroes – Full List and Classes

Paid Heroes – Full List, Classes and Prices


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