Lords Mobile: Monster hunt

Any player on any level can join the monster hunt in Lords Mobile, but they have to be part of a guild to enjoy this activity.


Lords Mobile is an exciting video game that allows players to enjoy both strategic and role-playing elements. The description reveals that the true Emperor has fallen, and the citizens now need a hero to save the world. You are invited to assume the role of a Lord who recruits heroes from various backgrounds to assemble an army.

Players will be able to participate in battles and build their own empire once they have assembled an army. You can also enjoy other activities such as fighting monsters, researching warfare technologies, and training many troops. Moreover, you can build infrastructure, which will alter your gameplay.

What is the purpose of having multiple activities?

The objective of having a variety of activities and tasks is to offer players assorted content, which will increase the chances that a diversity of players will find something enjoyable in the game. This may also  mean that they will play the game more frequently.

The activities will also ensure that the game does not get tedious and boring, as there are multiple interesting features to keep players entertained. Moreover, it increases the immersion of the game, which makes the world feel alive.

It is worth noting that some activities will initially be locked, and can only be unlocked as you progress in the game. This is a way to motivate players to play the game for longer periods of time, which will also unlock additional activities.

Lords Mobile: Monster hunt

In each kingdom you will find randomised tiles that contain monsters. Players should note that these monsters do not change their tile location, meaning that they will stay on the tile until they are defeated. As a player, your goal is to kill them so that you can receive rewards.

monster hunt lords mobile

Any player on any level can participate in the monster hunt, however, the player needs to be part of a guild. Keep in mind that you have to assemble a team of 5 heroes to defeat the monsters, and you can only send out 1 group at a time to kill monsters.

To succeed in the monster hunt, it is advised that you use the correct heroes against the corresponding monster. Our heroes should be equipped with monster hunting gear, and you should upgrade your monster research in the academy. Players can ask their guild to help them defeat one of the larger monsters.


There are various monsters that you can defeat throughout the kingdom. The following table outlines some of the monsters you can find, and a description of each:

Appearance Monster Description


It is a normal monster that spawns for 2 consecutive days in the course of 1 monster cycle. Blackwing will remain on the map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or until it is killed.


This monster can only be summoned by guilds during events such as the Guild Bash. You can also only summon it when enough points have been scored collectively by the guild.

Gemming Gremlin

It spawns during Special Events and is thus categorised as a One Hit Monster. This means that it can be killed with 1 hero, 1 hit, and 1 energy. It will also drop 1 gem item in the loot.

Phantom Knight

This monster only appears during the Phantom Pains event. It spawns every 3 hours at random locations.

Which heroes should you use?

You will be successful in the monster hunt if you use the correct heroes in your team. Keep in mind that some monsters are weak to certain heroes, while others are very powerful. The following table lists some of the heroes you can use against their corresponding monsters:


Free heroes

Blackwing ·   Black Crow

·   Tracker

·   Trickster

·   Scarlet Bolt

·   Prima Donna

·   Black Crow

·   Demon Slayer

·   Scarlet Bolt

·   Lore Weaver

·   Rose Knight

Hoarder ·   Black Crow

·   Death Archer

·   Tracker

·   Trickster

·   Incinerator

·   Tracker

·   Petite Devil

·   Incinerator

·   Death Archer

·   Black Crow

Gemming Gremlin ·   Any hero on any level can be used ·   Any hero on any level can be used
Phantom Knight ·   Use only 1 hero of any type, preferably as low level as possible ·   Use only 1 hero of any type, preferably as low level as possible

How to determine which heroes you should use

Players can view a monster’s profile before initiating a monster hunt. In the profile, you will discover which damage it deals, its strong points, and its weak points. For instance, if you look at the Tidal Titan monster’s profile, you will see that it deals physical damage, and it is strong against high physical defence heroes.

This indicates that you should not choose heroes who feature high physical defence statistics. You should rather send heroes who use magic damage to defeat the monster. Apply this method to all the monsters in the game for a chance to successfully defeat the monster.

Final thoughts

Players can take up the role of a Lord in this imaginative video game, Lords Mobile. The game features numerous activities for you to enjoy, however, it is recommended that you primarily focus on the main storyline.

In each kingdom you will find randomised tiles that contain monsters. These monsters never change their tile location, which means that they will stay on the tile until they are defeated. It is your responsibility to kill them so that you can get rewards. Any player on any level can participate in the monster hunt if they are part of a guild.

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