Legend of the Mushroom: Marriage

Legend of the Mushroom players can now get married to another player when their relationship reaches the Cordial stage.

Legend of the Mushroom invites players to follow the story of mushrooms embarking on adventures in search of magical items.

The game’s developer, Joy Net Games, regularly updates the game to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

On Wednesday, 8 May 2024, Joy Net Games introduced the marriage feature in Legend of the Mushroom.

Players can now “marry” another player in the game after completing a series of events. Not only will you be “married”, but you will also receive unique rewards for completing the tasks.

The marriage process works similar to marriage in real life. You have to propose to the player that you want to get married to. You then need to reach the Cordial stage of the intimacy level to “form a bond” with another player.

To propose to another player, you have to click on Mr. Beagle, who can be found next to the Hall. Players can then send a message to the player they want to be engaged to. If they accept, you can start planning the wedding.

To have the wedding ceremony, you must have an advanced marriage plan that consumes gems. Players can choose which time slot they want to get married in and invite players that they want to attend the ceremony.

It is worth noting that there are 3 levels of marriage, each of which requires specific quantities of resources and materials.

Levels of marriage

Before you can get married, you have to farm the required materials to host the ceremony. Keep in mind, however, that only one of the 2 players getting married has to pay the expense.

The different types of marriages are listed below:

Type Required materials
Luxurious Marriage 99.99 Gems
High Class Marriage 14.99 Gems
Ordinary Marriage 15 000 Diamonds

Players should note that every type of marriage will reward them with specific rewards. For instance, if you select the Ordinary Marriage, you will receive a Normal Frame and an Ordinary Title as rewards.

However, if you choose the Luxurious Marriage, you will receive a Luxurious Title, Frame and Costume.

Wedding Ceremony

After sending out your 40 invitations, the wedding ceremony can begin. When it begins, the bride and groom enter the venue as well as the players attending the wedding.

The bride and groom are can toast to each other and express their gratitude for the attendees.

Every player involved in the ceremony, whether you are attending or you are the bride or groom, will receive numerous rewards. You can also enjoy a dedicated chat channel to converse with other players during the ceremony.

Players can use fireworks during the ceremony to raise the heat level. When the heat levels reach 3000, 6666 and 9999, everyone will get a lucky gift.

A large quantity of gift boxes will drop which can be picked up and opened to earn valuable items. Allegedly, you will receive the following gifts from the gift box:

  • Advanced Seeds
  • Dungeon Keys
  • Gacha Tickets
  • Gems
  • Lamps
  • Pickaxes
  • Empowerment Gear
  • Book of Awakening


As previously mentioned, you have to reach the Cordial stage in the relationship before you can get married.

Intimacy is used to unlock an increased relationship status amongst players. This is generally used to increase your buffs from the new Marriage feature.

Players should note that they need a minimum of 5000 Intimacy to marry another player. To view your Intimacy level, you can interact with the Host, which can be found next to the Hall. You then have to click on the “View Affinity” category.

Your Affinity level is displayed by the number next to the love heart next to each player. You can also view your current Intimacy level with other players by viewing your Affinity.

How to increase your Intimacy

Since the marriage feature was only recently introduced in the Legend of Mushroom, there are only a few players who are able to enjoy the new activity. You can increase your intimacy by completing cooperative tasks with your friends.

The following table lists some of the tasks that you can complete with the player that you want to marry:

Task Intimacy points
Free Milk Tea 5
Kill the Thief 10
Send Gold Coins 10
Sprinkle Fertilizer 10
Complete the Ruined Ancient City Dungeon 50

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