Legend of Mushroom: Rush Events

Legend of Mushroom players can participate in numerous Rush Events which have unique tasks that you have to complete.

In addition to defeating enemies, opening lamps and upgrading your character in Legend of Mushroom, players can participate in Rush Events.

There are several Rush Events that you can participate in, each of which requires that you complete unique tasks to earn rewards.

The game’s developer, Joy Net Games, regularly hosts Skill, Mount, Relic, Martial Soul, Tech, Prayer and Companion Rush events.

The Skill Rush Event is a 4-round event in which players have to open approximately 2000 Skill Tickets per round.

The Mount Rush event is similar to the Skill Rush event as it has 4 stages. However, for this event, you have to use 800 Clock Winders to upgrade your Mount and earn rewards.

Legend of Mushroom: Rush Events
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Players therefore have to use a total of 3 200 Clock Winders to complete this event.

Players can also enjoy the Martial Soul Rush event, during which you have to use your Soul Essences by leveling your Souls. Since it is a 4-stage event, you need a total of 20 000 Soul Essence to earn valuable rewards.

In the Tech Rush event, you have to use 120 000 Ore in each of the 4 stages, which means that you need to use a total of 480 000 Ore to earn rewards.

Another Rush event that you can enjoy is the Prayer rush event, for which players have to obtain a total of 102 000 fruits. This is a great event to stockpile fruits and use them to achieve desired stats in the Statue.

Legend of Mushroom players can also enjoy the Companion Rush event, for which you have to open 2000 Pal coupon tickets per round. Since there are 4 rounds, you have to open a total of 6870 coupons to earn rewards.


If you complete each Rush event’s objectives, you will earn valuable rewards. The following table lists all the rewards that you will earn:

Rush event Rewards
  • 40 000 Relic Shards
  • 5 000 Diamonds
  • 220 x 5-minute speed-ups
  • 40 000 Relic Fragments
  • 8 000 Divine Hammers
  • 800 Diamonds
  • 80 x 5-minute speed-ups
  • 8 000 Divine Hammers
  • 8 000 Divine Hammers
  • 8 000 Divine Hammers
  • 800 Diamonds
  • 80 x 5-minute speed-ups
  • 40 000 Relic Shards
  • 5 000 Diamonds
  • 220 x 5-minute speed-ups

Players should note that the rewards listed in the table are the rewards that you will earn if you complete all four stages of each event.

How to obtain the necessary materials

As previously explained, you have to acquire specific materials for every Rush event. The following table lists how Legend of Mushroom players can acquire the materials:

Rush event How to acquire materials
Companion To obtain Pal coupons, players have to complete the Molten Ruins Dungeon, complete quests, mine resources, participate in events and watch the daily video.
Prayer Players can obtain fruit through the Shroomie Farm. Keep in mind that you have to plant seeds to harvest fruit, however, you can steal other players’ crops for free.
Tech Ore can be mined from the Mine, however, we recommend that you dig to 10 000 meters as quickly as possible to maximize the rewards.
Soul Players can acquire Soul Essence from salvaging souls gained through the Soul Trials or from Soul Prayer.
Relic Relic Fragments can be obtained by completing the Ruined Ancient City Dungeon, or through the Parking Wars event.
Mount You have to complete the Chrono Tower Dungeon to get Clock Winders.
Skill Skill coupons can be obtained by completing quests, participating in events, through the Shroomie Battle Pass and by completing the Molten Ruins Dungeon.


To ensure that you get the maximum amount of rewards, players can follow a specific strategy. The  strategy you can use is as follows:

Rush event Strategy
Companion We recommend that you do not spend Diamonds for this event. During the lead up to the event, we recommend that you save up on Pal coupons.
Tech We recommend that you only complete PvP technology outside of Tech Rush.
Mount Players can either save up their Diamonds or their Clock Winders prior to the event.
Skill We recommend that payers start saving Skill Coupons a few weeks before the event commences.

Event Schedule

Players should note that the Rush Events do not take place simultaneously. So if the Prayer Rush event is active in one week, the following week will host the Tech Rush and the Mount Rush events.

Furthermore, some Rush Events are active for an entire week, while others are only active for 1 or 2 days. We therefore recommend that you check the event menu regularly to see which Rush event is active.

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