Legend of Mushroom: Ring

Legend of Mushroom players can now get married to obtain the new ring equipment piece and if you wear it, you will receive buffs.

Legend of Mushroom’s developer, Joy Net Games, recently introduced the marriage feature to the game.

Players are now able to get married to one another to earn gifts, bonuses and additional buffs. Keep in mind that there are a few requirements that must be met before you can get married.

Players who meet the requirements can propose, plan a wedding, invite guests, have a wedding ceremony and set off fireworks to earn rich rewards. Similar to real life, you need to use a ring to complete the wedding ceremony.

Joy Net Games introduced the Ring as a new gear piece. Players can obtain the ring through the marriage system. If you equip the ring, you will receive additional attack, defense and health point statistics.

Legend of the Mushroom: Marriage

However, as the ring’s level increases, the bonuses you get from the ring will also increase. It is important to note that the ring begins at level 1, but you can increase its level by using True Love Stones.

Players should not that they can only obtain these True Love Stones once they are married. However, the number of stones you earn is determined by the type of marriage you chose.

If you are interested in obtaining additional stones, you can complete a weekly mission with your partner.

On the anniversary of your wedding, you will receive True Love Stones as a gift from the developer.

Ring Buffs

Every time you increase your Ring’s level, you will increase your statistics. The table below lists the number of Stones you need as well as their effects:

Level True Love Stones required Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
5 6 32 35 37 40
10 7 63 68 74 79
15 10 132 143 154 165
20 13 190 206 222 238
25 18 309 335 361 386
30 23 408 442 476 510
35 32 621 673 725 776
40 40 798 865 931 998
45 58 1 196 1 296 1 395 1 459
50 72 1 509 1 635 1 761 1 887

True Love Stone missions

As previously mentioned, gamers can complete weekly missions to obtain additional True Love Stones. It is unknown whether or not both partners have to complete these missions to earn the Stones.

We therefore recommend that you experiment to see whether it is required that both parties complete the tasks or not.

The weekly tasks that you have to complete to earn additional True Love Stones are:

Task Reward
Help with fertilizer 3 times 5 True Love Stones
Send Gold Coins 3 times 5 True Love Stones
Increase intimacy by 100 5 True Love Stones
Complete all 3 missions 15 True Love Stones

How to get married

In order to obtain the new ring equipment piece, you have to marry another player in Legend of Mushroom. The new marriage area can be found above the Mine and Technology Park on the main screen.

Only players who have reached the Cordial Intimacy level of the relationship can get married. You can propose to a player by sending them a custom message.

If they accept the proposal, you can make a reservation for a time slot for when the wedding ceremony will take place.

You will also be able to choose what type of marriage you want. The ordinary marriage will reward you with 66 True Love Stones, while the High Class Marriage offers players 99 Stones.

If you select the Luxurious Marriage, you will get 999 True Love Stones. After selecting your marriage, you can send out your invitations and begin the wedding ceremony.

During the ceremony, you can set off fireworks to raise the heat. Once the heat reaches a specific amount, everyone in attendance will earn rewards.

How to increase Intimacy

Players have to get married to obtain the new ring, but  to get married, you need a minimum of 5000 Intimacy Points. To increase your Intimacy with a player in Legend of Mushroom, you have to complete tasks together.

The following table lists the tasks that you can complete. Each task has a daily limit, as shown below:

Task Rewards Daily limit
Complete Ruined Ancient City Dungeon 50 Points 1
Sprinkle Fertilizer 10 3
Spend Gold Coins 10 2
Kill the Thief 10 1
Free Milk Tea 5 20

If you are interested in collecting additional points, you can purchase 10 Milk Tea, each of which rewards you with 5 additional Intimacy Points.

Legend of Mushroom: Milk Tea

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