Legend of Mushroom: Milk Tea

By getting married in Legend of Mushroom, you will earn Milk Tea, which can be used to increase Affinity with the person you are married to.

Joy Net Games, Legend of Mushroom’s developer, introduced the marriage activity on Wednesday, 8 May 2024.

This new activity allows players who meet the necessary requirements to married to receive exclusive items, gear and buffs.

While arranging your marriage, you will have the opportunity to choose which type of marriage you want.

There are 3 types of marriages to choose from, each of which provides unique rewards and bonuses. Keep in mind that 2 of the 3 marriages can only be used by spending real-life money.

One of the rewards that you will receive for getting married is Milk Tea, which is a new item in Legend of Mushroom.

On the official Legend of Mushroom Discord server, several players have questioned what the new item is used for.

Legend of Mushroom: Milk Tea
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A player named Suwuushi mentioned that it functions similar to Fertilizer, however, you can use it on the player that you are married to.

Another Legend of Mushroom player revealed that Milk Tea is used to increase Affinity between you and the player to which you are married.

It is worth noting that only players who are married can obtain Milk Tea and use it to increase their Affinity towards one another.

In addition to Milk Tea, you can collect True Love Stones, a Title, a Frame and an Exterior Reward by getting married.

Types of Marriages

Although it is not mandatory that you get married in the game, it will provide you with additional buffs and bonuses. Keep in mind that every marriage type will reward you with specific items, as listed below:

Category Ordinary Marriage High Class Marriage Luxurious Marriage
Requires 15 000 Diamonds 14.99 Gems 99.99 Gems
Milk Tea Reward 66 99 999
True Love Stone Reward 66 99 999
Title Reward Ordinary Title High Class Title Luxurious Title
Image Frame Reward Normal Frame Luxury Frame Luxurious Frame
Exterior Reward None Accessories Costume

As shown in the table, you will be rewarded with Milk Tea regardless of what type of marriage you select.

Marriage details

In order to get married, you need to have reached the Cordial Intimacy stage with another player. You can view your Affinity with other players by clicking on Mr. Beagle and selecting the “View Affinity” tab.

It is worth noting that you need a minimum of 5000 Affinity Points before you can get married.

If you meet the requirement, you can select the “Form Bond” option in the same menu and send a customized message to the player that you want to propose to.

If they accept your proposal, you can send out invitations, choose the type of marriage that you want, and host the marriage ceremony.

During the wedding ceremony, you and your attendees can set off fireworks to earn rich rewards. Every gamer can earn up to 3 gift boxes, each of which contains rich rewards.

Legend of the Mushroom: Marriage

Purchasing Milk Tea

In addition to obtaining Milk Tea by getting married, players can purchase 10 Milk Tea at a cost of 60 gems per piece. Players can therefore purchase 10 Milk Teas for an additional 60 Intimacy Points for 600 gems per day.

It is worth noting that gems is the premium currency of Legends of Mushroom, which means that it can only be procured by purchasing it with real money.

There are various packs available, some of which are as follows:

Gem quantity Price
0.99 $0.99
4.99 $4.99
9.99 $9.99
19.99 $19.99
49.99 $49.99
99.99 $99.99
299.99 $299.99


Not only will you be able to use Milk Tea when you get married, but you will also get the new ring gear piece.

When this is equipped, it will increase your basic attack, defense and health points. However, as you increase the ring’s level, the bonuses that you receive will also increase.

Players can increase the ring’s level by using True Love Stones, which is one of the rewards that you will earn when you get married.

Legend of Mushroom: Ring

You can obtain additional Stones by completing the weekly missions, some of which require that you help with Fertilizer, SendGold Coins and increase intimacy.

That being said, you will also get a few True Love Stones on your anniversary. When you are married for 3, 7 and 31 days, you will get different quantities of Stones.

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