KonoSuba Fantastic Days Characters

There are 19 unique KonoSuba characters.



Kazuma is the main character. He has a high luck statistic, quick wits, and trusty allies. After life, chooses to enter the role-playing gaming world and defeats the devil king.


Chris joins whatever party happens to need her talents. She has one of the best debuffs in the game. Chris has the ability to paralyze enemy teams, pair that with really high agility, she is a staple in physical teams due to the support she provides. She taught Kazuma signature thief skills such as Steal and Bind. Even far in the future in the Japanese version of the game, Chris is still very relevant.


Melissa has great treasure hunting skills. She only engages others if there’s something in it for her. She’ll swipe jewels, money, and more from the rich. Melissa is an ardent animal lover – she talks pers to cats or dogs as if they were cooing babies.



Is the goddess of water who accompanies Kazuma on the journey. She is described as a mixed unit. Aqua is a healer but is not a very good one. That being said, her ultimate deals a lot of damage, and she also deals decent buffs; no one believes her, including her own followers. Players can use her to sustain the other teammates.


Yunyun is Megumin’s classmate.She is a solid magic attacker, she commands both intermediate and advanced magic, and even dabbles in the martial arts. She has a party-wide magic buff and it will fit into most magic teams. However, her charge can be rather slow at times.


Iris is the first princess of Belzerg, a kingdom known for its brave heroes. Her traditionally strict upbringing has bestowed Iris with knowledge and refinement, although she is naive to matters outside the castle. Still, she has the highest base attack statistics in the game, she possesses abilities potent enough to fell a dragon.



Darkness’s high defense is offset by her remarkable clumsiness. She takes more hits than dishing them out, volunteering to be a human shield to satisfy her extreme masochism. She can’t stand being called by her birth name – Dustiness Ford Lalatina.


Cecily is an Axis priestess. Shey heads the Axis church in Axel, and always concocts new ways to annoy followers of the Eris faith.


Arue is an arch wizard of the Crimson Demon Clan with authorial aspirations. Her need to dramatize is very strong, even among her clans, so anything penned by her shouldn’t be taken at face value. She particularly enjoys tormenting Megumin and Yunyun. She is very similar to Yunyun. The only difference is that Arue offers a magic defence debuff, instead of a magic buff. Arue also suffers from slow charge times.


Like Kazuma, Mitsurugi received a second chance at life far from home. Unlike Kazuma, he deeply respects Aqua, the goddess who gifted him the enchanted blade Gram. Hhis greatest wish is to be a hero worthy of Aqua’s praise, however, it seems that she can barely remember his name. His confidence and good looks hampers his ability to listen to others.



Megumin possesses high intelligence and a natural affinity for magic. She is a powerful destroyer with explosive skills. This limits Megumin to casting it once a day, and collapsing in a heap afterwards.


Dust is a young warrior, mostly known for petty crimes including picking fights with novice adventurers, dining and dashing, gambling with borrowed money, and more. Dust is very similar to Chris. They are both great support for physical teams, while still offering solid damage per second (DPS). However, Chris has a higher impact level in fights, but Dust is no slouch with his solid debuff.


Rin graduated from the Academy of Magic. She always seems to help Dust, whether he commited a moral infraction when he is truly in need.


Lia is the leader of the girl band Axel Hearts. Although Lia is a hard worker, her personal life is in constant disarray, as evidenced by her messy room. She has a favorite doll named Konjiro.



Wiz is a witch and deals magic damage. Due to her lack of common sense, the harder she works, the more money she loses. She is a lich, or powerful undead, and one of the Devil King’s generals to boot.


Cielo is a member of the girl band Axel Hearts. She is generally timid and indecisive, but kills it on stage with her dance and martial arts skills. Cielo has a strong aversion toward men, since she was originally raised as a boy. Whenever she is touched by a man, her reflexes shift into attack mode.


Erika too is a member of the girl band Axel Hearts. She is also a self-proclaimed authority on cuteness, she always has to get her way. A few words of flattery will bowl her over, and also will makes her easy to deceive. Being an orphan, Erika believes that making it in show business will reunite her with her parents.



Mia is a very curious and innocent beastman lancer from the north. When it comes to meat, she displays a freakishly large appetite. She doesn’t like to stick to the rules and frequently touches and sometimes even devours things she’s not supposed to. She refers to Amy as her “big sister.”


Amy is very protective Mia, whom she regards as her little sister. She is quick to forgive and very impervious to anger. If caught off guard, she will express surprise with rare vehemence.