KonoSuba Fantastic Days Wiki

Basic Information

Application Name KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
Release Date August 19, 2021
Genre Gacha Game, Turn-based RPG
Supported Device iOS / Android
Recommended Specs – AOS 6.0 or higher / OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher / Minimum 2GB RAM required

– iOS 12 or higher / iPhone 6S or higher / Minimum 2GB RAM required

Price Free / With In-App Purchases
Developer Sumzap
Publisher Nexon
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagramTwitch / Discord


KonoSuba anime is one of best comedy anime with ecchi content. The story focuses on Kazuma Sato who, after suffering an untimely death, has chosen to reincarnate in a parallel universe rife with massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) elements. As his only wish before moving onto this world, Kazuma chooses the goddess, Aqua to accompany him, who reluctantly agrees. What ensues is a long series of shenanigans and hijinks, as the duo travels and gets to know each other further.

In the RPG world, viewers will discover that Aqua and Kazuma are doing quests with allies, Darkness, Megumin and Wiz. Each ally possesses unique skills. Wiz is a witch who mainly deals magic damage. Megumin is a powerful destroyer with explosive skills. While Darkness is a knight and takes on the tank role.




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