King’s Throne: Clarice

In King’s Throne, players can accumulate Maidens to have romantic relationships with, one of which is Clarice, but she can only be acquired through an event.

King’s Throne is a popular mobile game that invites players to rule an empire and experience medieval royal life. The game’s story reveals that your father was the monarch of a powerful kingdom, but, unfortunately, he was assassinated. As the new king or queen, it is your responsibility to protect your empire and expand your territory.

The game has an array of activities and occasional events that you can participate in, but some features will initially be locked. You can gain access to these activities once you have met the requirements to do so.

One of the activities you can enjoy is the Lover system, which allows players to form romantic relationships with non-player characters, such as Clarice.


The Maidens of the game present an interesting mechanic and are more than just attractive beings. They can have a big impact on your Kingdom’s power when they are used correctly. Maidens’ main objectives are to fling with heroes and to perform marital duties, such as producing heirs.

There are currently 4 types of Maidens you can collect in the game. The table below lists how to acquire each type:

Maiden type How to acquire
Standard Maiden Players can obtain them through the main quest, login rewards, and processions
Event Maiden These Maidens are generally obtained by exchanging the event reward points
Heroic Maiden They are unlocked after they are recruited into the heroes roster
VIP Maiden You will unlock these maidens when you have reached a specific VIP level

King’s Throne: Clarice

One of the Event Maidens you can get in King’s Throne is Clarice, who is known for her kindness and keen mind in the running of the new tavern, which is situated across the Glided Lilly.

King’s Throne: Clarice
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It is alleged that behind her friendly smile, a rough character can come to the surface when guests exceed their drinking tolerance. Though most men go to the tavern to satisfy their thirst, others are simply drawn by Clarice’s beauty.

It is important to note that every Maiden is bonded to a specific hero, and when you have both Maiden and Hero, you can benefit from the bond skills option. In this case, Clarice is bonded to Maximus.

This means that every time you visit Clarice in the maiden chambers, she will get maiden experience points that can be invested in Maximus’ bond skills, which means that he will become stronger.

You can unlock additional hero bond skills by increasing Clarice’s intimacy score. When it reaches level 10 and level 20, it unlocks bond skills for the selected attribute type value added by a fixed number. All bond skills unlock when Clarice reaches level 200 intimacy.

Every bond skill contributes to the total attribute of their bonded heroes. It is thus better to increase a maiden’s statistics. However, increasing Clarice’s charm will yield better experience points, which makes the skill bond progress faster.

Clarice starts with 300 charm points, but she will gain more charm every time you visit her. This means that the bond skill will also increase quicker, which will make Maximus stronger.

How to interact with Clarice

Once you have Clarice, you can interact with her. To do so, you have to go to the Maiden’s Castle, which holds all of your collected Maidens. In the list, you can select Clarice to view her profile.

In the new menu, you can pay her a visit, offer her a gift, upgrade her skills, or interact with her. It is worth noting that visiting a Maiden can cost Diamonds, which is a premium currency.

If you select the “Interact” option, the game will randomly select a mini-game for which you have to align the moving icon with the yellow space in the bar. Players can earn different rewards for participating in the mini-game.


As previously mentioned, Clarice is bonded to Maximus, who is one of the heroes you can procure in the game. Similarly to other heroes, Maximus has different attributes, a specific quality, level, tourney skills, bond skills, and a paragon.

The following table explains each of these terms in detail:

Term Description
Attributes The higher a hero’s attributes are, the higher your kingdom’s power will be
Quality The better the quality of the hero, the higher his attributes will be
Tourney Skills These skills can only be used in the Tourney Grounds.
Level You can increase your hero’s level by spending gold, which will improve his attributes and statistics
Bond skills Heroes get attribute bonuses from their bond maiden’s skills
Paragon Some heroes have a Paragon bonus, which increases their attributes

 Can Clarice produce heirs?

Once you have Clarice, you can view her profile in the Maiden Chambers. You can also pay her a visit while you are in the chamber. This visit will grant you 1 point of Intimacy as well as maiden experience points. By paying Clarice a visit, you will have a higher chance of producing an heir.

King’s Throne: Clarice
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