King’s Throne: Castle Renovations

Players can unlock different Castle Renovations in King’s Throne to receive various bonuses, however, these renovations may expire.

Gamers are invited to experience a medieval royal life and to rule an empire in this thrilling mobile game, King’s Throne. The story reveals that your father, who was the monarch of a powerful kingdom, was assassinated. As the newly-appointed king or queen, it is your responsibility to make important decisions, raise heirs, and recruit heroes.

There are various activities and occasional in-game events you can enjoy, but keep in mind that some features will be locked when you first start playing the game.

Fortunately, you can gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so. Some of the activities you can enjoy include, but are not limited to, completing quests, renovating your castle, meeting Maidens, and defeating enemies.

What is the purpose of in-game activities?

It has been proven that varying activities and events keep players engaged and interested in the game. King’s Throne has diverse content, which increases the chance that different types of gamers will find something they enjoy in the game.

In-game events are limited-time occurrences, and during these events, players can complete specific tasks to earn rare and desirable rewards. It is alleged that these events motivate players to actively participate in the game to earn the rewards.

King’s Throne: Castle Renovations

All King’s Throne players begin the game with the same look and feel of the castle, but you get the opportunity to do some renovations. Castle Renovations allow you to change the appearance of your castle and provide your kingdom with specific benefits.

To do Castle Renovations, you have to click on your character’s profile, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen. In the new menu, you will find detailed information about your kingdom and character. At the bottom of this screen, there are 5 different icons, one of which is indicated by a symbol of a t-shirt.

After clicking on the t-shirt icon, you will discover the Castle Renovations tab, among others. Clicking on the tab will allow players to view all the renovations they have unlocked, and that they still have to acquire. It is known that renovations provide bonuses, whether they are used or not.

King’s Throne: Castle Renovations
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When a renovation expires, your castle will automatically change back to its original appearance, and you will lose all associated bonuses. Players should note that renovations also grant weekly rewards, which are displayed as chests on the renovations screen.

Items acquired from renovations will be stacked inside the chest. Players can select the quick collect option to get all the item rewards granted by renovations. Available items are refreshed on Mondays at midnight. The weekly item rewards are not carried over into the next week, so be sure to collect your rewards every week.

What Castle Renovations can you acquire?

The game currently has 27 Castle Renovations for you to obtain, some of which can provide your kingdom with unique bonuses. The following table outlines some of the castles and their benefits:

Unlock requirement Renovation bonus
Acquired in the Le Chateau event It increases the training experience by 10 percent
Obtained from the Friday Night event Your levy rewards are increased by 5 percent
Participating in the Winds of Autumn event Players can collect a Duelling Invitation from the castle renovation screen every week
Acquired in the Lovely Castle event While this item is active, you can collect a Cupid’s Arrow once a week
Default castle The default castle has no renovation bonus

How to unlock a Castle Renovation

It is crucial to remember that most Castle Renovations are introduced through an in-game event. This means that you have to participate in the event in order to unlock and activate the Castle Renovation. Gamers should bear in mind that not all in-game events have a Castle Renovation, so it is advised that you keep an eye out for special events in the Events tab.

Do you have to activate a Castle Renovation?

As previously mentioned, renovations provide a range of bonuses, whether they are used or not. It is thus alleged that you can still benefit from the bonuses even if you are not actively using them. However, it is recommended that you do activate the Castle Renovation to make sure that you receive the full renovation bonus.

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