King’s Choice: Pets

In King’s Choice, you can adopt a variety of pets that will provide you with different buffs when they are assigned to your character.

King’s Choice invites gamers to assume the role of either a queen or a king and become the most powerful ruler. The game combines elements of combat, romance, and decision-making with adventure aspects.

Your kingdom’s success depends entirely on the choices you make, so it is advisable that you choose wisely.

The game has a range of activities and events that you can enjoy, however, some will initially be locked when you start playing. Fortunately, you do gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so.

Players can attend balls, send their knights to combat, adopt pets, and explore Dragon Island. Furthermore, you can meet handsome men and beautiful women to raise heirs.

Why are activities important?

It has been proven that having a variety of events and activities in a game that players can enjoy keeps them engaged and interested in the game.

Some features, events, and activities have specific requirements that need to be met before you can unlock them, which serves as a motivation for you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Even though in-game events are only active for a certain time period; they generally offer players who complete them rare and desirable items and rewards. This also encourages players to participate in events, as they have to complete certain tasks to earn the items.

King’s Choice: Pets

The game’s developers, ONEMT, occasionally introduce new activities and features to the game with patch updates. They recently added the pet system, by which players can adopt different kinds of pets. The pet menu can be found alongside the lover and heir tabs in the Royal Garden.

King’s Choice: Pets

When you enter this section for the first time, Simonetta announces that she has a big surprise for you. You can then choose 1 of 3 pets to adopt.

Players should note that the pets available are randomly generated, which means that there are endless possible combinations of pets you will be able to choose from.

That being said, you can refresh the combination by clicking on the batch refresh icon on the bottom section of the screen. Players can use this option until they have found the pet they want to adopt. After adopting a pet, you can pet them by swiping left or right across their body.

Furthermore, you can view their statistics and their current level, and you can change their name. It is important to note that there are limited pets available, however, the number of pets allegedly increases as the pet’s level increases. Your pet will gain experience every time you use one of your petting chances.

In addition to petting your pet, you can feed them, assign them as your companion, breed them, and release them, amongst other things.

How to feed your pet

In your pet’s menu, you will see a feed button on the bottom of the screen. Players can feed their pet to increase its experience points by 20, which subsequently increases its level. Most players will not have any pet food if they adopted a pet for the first time.

Fortunately, making pet food is extremely easy, but it costs grain. To make pet food, players can go to the pet shop, and then select the pet food processing tab. Here you will see how much grain it costs to produce one pet food.

Once the pet food has been made, you can feed it to your pet.

King’s Choice: Pets


As previously mentioned, there are different kinds of pet breeds you can acquire in the game. Every species has multiple breeds, and every breed has a corresponding Bloodline. Bloodlines are activated when pets have reached the required ability.

Players have to meet higher level ability requirements to activate higher level Bloodlines. Once they have been activated, pets get special abilities that offer buffs in certain features of the game. The Bloodline ability buff only takes effect when corresponding pets are assigned as companions.

Every player can select up to 3 pets as companions, and the pet in the first will be displayed in the player’s avatar.

Which abilities does a pet have?

Although there are an array of breeds and species, every pet has 5 abilities, namely, intelligence, physique, obedience, friendliness, and liveliness.

Players can breed pets to get offspring with improved abilities. Keep in mind that offspring can be upgraded to randomly increase their abilities.

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  1. Still do not understand how to meet requirements for pure blood line , all my pets are maximum level, but no blood line . Why ? How do I get a pure blood line

    • you need time and patience in the pet kennel, yesterday I decided to cross my gray cat with a Siamese and I finally got it (50 days playing)

    • Pay attention to your pets darker colored Stats. Then to see how far you are from bloodline click on the silver dull Paw medal next to your pets name. Breed your pet with those that have higher beginning numbers on those same bold stats that your pet has. Currently my closest one is a husky that is 51/60 and 44/60…I’m So close to a bloodline…❤️

  2. I agree the pets are confusing and you can’t breed your animals. You can’t choose to sell the offspring for gold or silver depending on their abilities. I’d like to see more changes where the players have more advantages. Seems like all we’re doing is spending money. We don’t earn a lot in rewards or in patrol they don’t offer daily gifts it’s hard for players to level up without spending hundreds of dollars there’s no interactions with the pets other than petting no games or events where they earn points and credits honestly though since we’re doing the work I think we should have the right to breed if we want to with our pets and keep one or sell them for gold or silver and that would be up to the server based on the pets qualities. I think that’s more than fair.

    • Start by either using the Pet Nursery or sending out a breeding request. If they send you the request they get the pup or kitten. If you send the request you get the pup or kitten.

    • I understand it takes about 15-20 offspring to get a bloodline. Look at your pets bold stats, and then look at the dull silver medal thing next to your pets name. That will show you how far or close you are to a bloodline. My closest one has the numbers 51/60 and 44/60 when the numbers to the left of the slash match the number to the right of the slash then you have achieved bloodline. Good Luck! 🍀

    • You can’t really “train” your pet more like just pet it, feed it, and breed it with another pet of the same species that has higher stats. Eventually you will get a bloodline! Good Luck! 🍀

  3. You have to have six collars, which are in your inventory. Then when your pet is fully aged up then hit breeding, then choose the best pet to breed with or the one that you want. you can either get more collars or a pet. Hopefully I helped.


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