King’s Choice patrol map

The patrol map feature in King’s Choice allows players to meet new NPCs, however, they should remember that it is in a gridded sphere shape.

King’s Choice is a popular role-playing game with a choice-based simulation. It puts players at the head of the royal table, in their own kingdom.

Developed by ONEMT, the game invites players to command a grand army of knights, build an empire and generate alliances. However, they can also date other royals and raise heirs.

The game is set in the medieval times, where players take on the role of a Lord’s only son. All seemed to go well until Aves, The Throne Usurper, arranged a successful revolution.

Additionally, he murdered the Lord to take the throne and locked his son inside a prison cell. Fortunately, the protagonist refused to lose hope and promised to take revenge on every single one of his or her enemies.

In addition to Aves, players will be introduced to a variety of characters. The following table indicates some of the characters and a short description of each:

Character Description
Kerwin Kerwin happens to be the Throne Usurper’s illegitimate son. He and the protagonist grew up together and over the years, he became thr players’ right-hand man. It is believed that he will do anything to protect his best friend. However, he has a hidden dark side.
Eva Eva was a happily married woman, however, one day her husband passed away. Even though she obtained a rich inheritance, she vowed to never marry another man. Her wealth brought her nothing but misfortune, but with the protagonist’s arrival, she can find hope again.
Greg It is believed that Greg is the most loyal of the Lord’s knights. He was always at the Lord’s side, and he used to accompany him during war campaigns. After the Lord’s death, Greg remained by the protagonist’ side.
Allie Allie is the daughter of Aves, and also a close friend of the protagonist. She used to be blinded by naivety, entirely unaware of her father’s transgressions. However, when her father murdered the Lord, she came to realize that she is nothing but a pawn in Aves hands. Allie also realized that her love for the player is destined to be sacrificed in the name of power.
Caroline At first sight, Caroline might seem like a total sweetheart. However, do not be fooled by her innocent façade. Caroline is actually an ambitious and calculated woman. It is believed that she is not content with her humble origins. Caroline thus longs for wealth and power. She is prepared to do anything to achieve her goals.


As mentioned above, players will be playing as a Lord of a kingdom. Subsequently, they are responsible for various activities: military troops, land conquering, raising heirs, resource production and knights.

However, when they first start the game, they will have a level one Lord. As the level increases, they will obtain bonuses, such as an increase in silver collection limit, recruitment limit, and government affair limit.

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It is important to note that the maximum level of the Lord is Superior Lord level five. Players thus have to progresses through 20 different levels to reach the maximum level. Each of the following categories consist of five levels:

  • Rising Lord
  • Common Lord
  • Senior Lord
  • Superior
  • Lord

The game offers a lot of activities for players to participate in. This includes outpost, university and lovers. However, they can also join the arena, go on patrol, visit Dragon Island and join an alliance among others.



In the patrol feature, players can walk through the different areas in the game. The objective of this feature is to meet new lovers and other women.

They should be careful not to get carried away by the carriages. However, if they do get carried away, it will take some time until they reach the area, they want to be in.

Players can go to the lover’s menu in-game to discover which character will be in which area of the map. It is recommended that they check the clue before traveling, as this will save a lot of time.

Patrol map

It is important to remember that the map is shaped like a gridded sphere. This means that if players go right from the furthest right area, they will enter the furthest left area.

Additionally, it means that if they move up from the most northern area, they will end up in the most southern area. This principle also applies vice-versa: from left to right, and from down to up.

The following image indicates the map:

King’s Choice patrol map
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King’s Choice invites players to take on the role of the Lord’s only son. It is their responsibility to control military troops, knights and resource production. Additionally, they can date non-player characters (NPCs) to produce and raise heirs.

To unlock and meet new NCPs, players can use the patrol feature. However, it is important to note that it is a gridded sphere.

This means that if players go right from the furthest right area, they will enter the furthest left area. This principle applies to left to right, up and down, as well as down and up.

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