King’s Choice: Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds in King’s Choice is a daily activity that you can enjoy to earn Warrior Points, which can be exchanged for items in the Warrior Store.

Players are invited to take up the role of a lord or lady in this mobile game, King’s Choice. As you become a powerful ruler, you can enjoy an array of activities and occasional in-game events. However, it is advisable that you focus on completing chapters in the main storyline.

You can suppress rebellions, make important decisions that can impact your gameplay, discover Dragon Island, and train knights among other things.

Keep in mind that you can complete missions and quests to advance in the game and earn rewards. One of the activities you can enjoy is the Hunting Grounds, however, it is not always available.

Daily quests

In addition to the main quest, players can complete daily quests to obtain rewards. The table below lists some of the quests you can complete:

Mission Description
Arena By participating in the Arena, you can earn knight talent and skill experience points
Castle Visits Players can earn gold by performing Castle Visits
Ballroom You can get lover points by going to the ballroom, which it is limited to 5 lovers per day
Alliance Construction, Road Construction and Dragon Bounty It provides Alliance Coins for personal use, and  Alliance wealth and experience points for Alliance growth

King’s Choice: Hunting Grounds

One of the daily activities you can do in King’s Choice is the Hunting Grounds. To access it, players have to click on the Outskirts section of the main menu. On the new screen, you will find the Hunting Grounds, and the Pirate Invasion activity.

King’s Choice: Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Ground is only active once a day, for a certain duration of time. This activity opens daily at 10:00 and concludes at 12:00 server time, but the server time varies from your local time, so you should check what time the Hunting Grounds open based on your time.

Once the activity is active, players will notice that it has an enabled sign beneath it. You can then click on the Hunting Grounds to start the activity. Players can then hunt and kill animals to earn rewards.

To be successful in the Hunting Grounds, you have to tap and hold the screen to fire an arrow and kill the animal. Some animals may move faster than others, which may make the activity more difficult to complete.

Players should note that they will use their knights to hunt animals. The knight you use changes every time you fire an arrow successfully.

Once you have used all your knights in the Hunting Grounds, the activity concludes. However, you can replenish some, or all of your knights to continue the activity.

By participating in the Hunting Grounds, you can earn basic rewards and warrior points.

Warrior points

During each hunt, you will get points based on the damage you have dealt. Players can shoot animals in the head to deal more damage. You can exchange points for items in the Warrior Store. Keep in mind that you earn a pack after every 5 hunts.

King’s Choice: Hunting Grounds

Some of the items you can purchase with Warrior Coins are:

Item Description Cost
Novice Knight’s Badge You can use it to increase a knight’s maximum level to 150 100 Warrior Coins
The Analects This item increases your Leadership by 400 80 Warrior Coins
The History of the Peloponnesian War Players can use this item to get 1000 additional strength points 200 Warrior Coins

It is noteworthy that the Warrior Store resets daily, and thus, it is recommended that you check the store regularly.

Which Knights should you use for the Hunting Grounds?

As mentioned before, you use your Knights to defeat animals in the Hunting Ground activity. The more damage you deal to the animals, the more Warrior points you get, which means that you will earn more Warrior Coins.

Even though you can use any Knight in the activity, you should use the Knights with the highest level. However, you should also consider the strength of the Knight’s attributes and talents, as this affects the damage dealt during the hunting trip.

Therefore, it cannot be said which Knights you should use for your Hunting Trip, as each player’s Knights vary. You may focus on Edward and Greg, while another player is focused on Dante Alighieri and the Earl of Warwick.

How to upgrade your Knights

To upgrade your Knights in King’s Choice, you can click on the Knight menu by selecting the Knight icon, which is in the bottom left corner. In the new menu, you can discover your collected Knights.

Players can then select the knight they want to upgrade by clicking on his avatar. In the Knight’s profile, you will find an upgrade icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can click on the icon to upgrade your knight with 1 level, or you can click on the ‘upgrade 10 levels’ box to upgrade the Knight with 10 levels. Upgrading a Knight will deduct silver from your inventory.

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