King’s Choice: How to get more troops

Players can acquire more troops in King’s Choice using grain, which is a common resource that can be easily obtained.

King’s Choice is a popular kingdom-management role-playing mobile game. You are invited to assume the role of a king or queen to grow a powerful empire. As the ruler of your own kingdom, you can rule your people, expand your territory, and seek love amongst others.

You will start as a new lord on level 1, but you can reach higher levels as you advance in the game. At each next level, you get bonuses, including an increase in your grain collection limit, troop recruitment limit, silver collection limit, and government affair limit.

The number of troops you can recruit increases with each level, but keep in mind that you need specific resources for this.


Like in other role-playing titles, you will find an array of resources in the King’s Choice, and each resource has a specific purpose in the game. The table below lists every resource you can find in the game and a description of each:

Resource Description
Silver It is a regular resource used to upgrade knights
Grain This resource is used to recruit troops
Soldier Players can use soldiers to advance in stages
Gold It is a rare resource used to purchase privileges or other resources

You will earn resources as rewards for completing the main quests, which are situated at the bottom of your screen.

King’s Choice: How to get more troops

Although troops may seem like an insignificant aspect, they are a crucial feature in King’s Choice. Your troops are there to help you defeat any enemies you may encounter while completing the chapters of the main storyline.

King’s Choice: How to get more troops

Unlike resources, troops cannot be earned as rewards for completing quests. However, you can get more troops by clicking on the Interior Ministry department of your kingdom. Here you will discover 2 activities, namely, Government and Collection.

The Government activity enables you to make important decisions to earn specific rewards, and Collection allows you to collect silver and grain, and to recruit soldiers. As previously mentioned, grain is a regular resource used to recruit troops.

In the Collection menu, you can trade your grain to acquire troops, but you should keep in mind that the number of troops you can obtain depends on your Lord’s Charisma. The higher your Charisma is, the more troops you will earn during Collection.

Players can develop their knights and heirs to increase their Lord’s Charisma. It is advisable that you develop your heirs and knights as quickly as possible, since Charisma has a direct influence on the number of troops you can acquire from Collection.

King’s Choice: How to get more troops

Lord attributes

Your lord or lady does not only have Charisma as an attribute, but they also have strength, leadership, and intellect. It is noteworthy that each attribute influences a specific collection feature, which is outlined in the table below:

Attribute Collection feature
Strength Higher strength translates to fewer soldiers consumed in each stage
Leadership Higher leadership means more grain accumulated during collection
Intellect The higher your lord’s intellect is, the more silver you will get
Charisma Higher charisma means more troops earned during collection

How many troops do you need?

Players should note that they will lose some of their troops after every stage in the Outpost. It is your soldiers’ responsibility to defeat enemies and clear the stage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough troops to clear the stage successfully.

Keep in mind that your enemy also has a certain number of troops, and if they have more troops than you, you may fail to clear the stage. It is recommended that you regularly check your collection to see if you can train soldiers to join your army.

How much grain does it cost to recruit troops?

It is alleged that the cost of troops in King’s Choice depends on your lord’s level. The higher your level is, the more grain it will cost to recruit troops.

It is worth noting that the amount of grain you lose, you will get back in troops. For instance, if you lose 174 740 grain, you will gain 174 740 troops.

Outpost rules

Once you have recruited enough troops, you will be able to participate in the Outpost. The higher your strength attributes are, the fewer troops you lose. If you clear a stage, you will get a chance to earn Knight Attribute Codices.

Some stages have boss battles, but each Knight can battle each Boss only once in a day. You can use the Challenge Badge to give Knights an additional battle chance.

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