King’s Choice: How to get knights

Players can unlock new knights in King’s Choice by increasing their VIP level, reaching specific milestones, or by progressing in the main storyline


Players can assume the role of either a king or queen to become a powerful monarch in this imaginative mobile game, King’s Choice.

As a ruler you can participate in a variety of activities, such as recruiting generals and training knights. You can also suppress rebellions and meet handsome men and beautiful women to produce and raise heirs.

As you advance in the game, you will discover a variety of non-player characters (NPCs), including knights and lovers. Keep in mind that every character has a different objective in the game, which can have a great impact on your gameplay.

What is the objective of your knights?

All the knights in the game have 4 different attributes, each of which contributes to an aspect in your kingdom. Moreover, each knight has different talents, which are essential attributes. The higher the knight’s talent is, the more attribute buffs you will earn when upgrading their level.

The following table outlines the knights’ attributes and what they affect in your kingdom:

Attribute What it affects
Charisma It influences the number of troops recruited
Leadership It determines the amount of grain you can collect
Intellect It affects the number of Silver collected
Strength It influences the number of troops you lose during outpost battles

King’s Choice: How to get knights

Knights play a crucial role in your kingdom. When you first start playing the game, you will only have a few knights unlocked. Fortunately, there are several methods through which you can unlock additional knights.

Kings Choice knights

Additional knights can be acquired by increasing your VIP level or by reaching a specific milestone, like a new title. Moreover, you can unlock new knights by progressing in the main story line.

You can find out how to unlock each knight by going to their profile, which is found in the ‘Knights’ option on the main screen.

The following table explains how you can unlock certain knights in the game:

Knight How to unlock
Nicolaus Copernicus You can unlock this knight when you reach VIP level 10
Vlad Dracula He is only obtainable by reaching VIP level 12
William I Players can unlock this knight once they reach the Legendary Monarch status
Roland He will only unlock for Epic Heroes
Roger Bacon He can only be unlocked through a recharge event

Can you improve your knights?

The game features over 25 unique knights for you to get, each of which have different talents, attributes, and skills. You can improve your knights in several ways, such as by using Silver to increase their levels.

Players can also upgrade their knights’ talents by using knights’ talents, experience, or Edicts.

While you can use Knight Skill Points to increase their skills, you should remember that you can only obtain skill points by participating in the arena or sending them to university. Additionally, you can train your knights to improve their attributes and talents.

Kings Choice knights

What is the lover-power relation?

It is worth noting that each knight in the game is connected to a specific lover. Players can take their lovers on dates and offer them gifts to increase their charm and intimacy levels.

Your relationship with a lover has an effect on the connected knight’s powers and talents. This means that as your relationship with a specific lover grows, the knight will become more powerful.

The following table lists some of the lovers and their connected knights:

Lover Knight
Jocelyn Edward
Bice Dante Alighieri
Beth Terrence
Juliet Marco Polo
Kirsten Greg
Simonetta Charles Brandon
Anne Thomas Boleyn

What is a knight’s aura?

Certain knights in the game possess an aura which grants them several attribute buffs. You can use specific items to increase their aura level, which will have a direct influence on the buffs they receive. Keep in mind, though, that the attributes earned using Codices are not affected by the aura buffs.

Final thoughts

King’s Choice invites players to assume the role of either a king or queen to become a powerful monarch. As a ruler, you can participate in multiple activities, such as training knights, completing quests, raising heirs, and suppressing rebellions.

As you make progress in the game, you will come across a variety of non-player characters (NPCs), including knights and lovers.

You can unlock additional knights by increasing your VIP level, reaching specific milestones, and by advancing in the main storyline. Furthermore, you can go to the knight menu before selecting a locked knight to view how to acquire them.

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