King’s Choice intimacy levels

In King’s Choice, players can date and eventually marry non-player characters, however, they first have to build a relationship and improve intimacy levels.


King’s Choice is a popular role-playing game that features a choice-based simulation. The game puts players at the head of the royal table, in their very own kingdom. Created by ONEMT, the game allows players to generate alliances, command a grand army of knights and build an empire.

Additionally, they can date non-player characters (NPCs) and raise heirs. The game takes place in the medieval times, where players take on the role of a Lord’s only son.

All seemed to go well until Aves, The Throne Usurper, arranged a successful revolution. Additionally, he murdered the Lord to take the throne and locked his son in a prison cell.

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Fortunately, the protagonist refused to lose hope and promised to take revenge on every single one of his enemies. In addition to Aves, players will come across various characters. The following table indicates some of the characters and a short description of each:

Character Description
Jacques It is believed that he is a man full of contradictions. Even though Jacques is cold and ruthless, he is well known for his fencing skills, loyalty and bravery. He pledged his life to the player.
Allie Allie is the only daughter of Aves. She used to be blinded by naivety, entirely unaware of her father’s transgressions. However, when her father murdered the Lord, she came to realize that she is nothing but a pawn in Aves hands. Allie also realized that her love for the player is destined to be sacrificed in the name of power.
Kerwin Kerwin happens to be the Throne Usurper’s illegitimate son. He and the protagonist grew up together and over the years, he became the players’ right-hand man. It is believed that he will do anything to protect the player. However, he has a dark side.
Ophelia She inherited the royal throne when she was a young girl. Some of the citizens are convinced that ceaseless power struggles corrupted her heart. Subsequently, Ophelia is a cold, capricious and arrogant woman.
Juliet Juliet initially dabbled in the art of fencing, as she was bullied by boys. However, as time went on, the sword became her best friend. Juliet is determined to use her sword not only to fend for herself, but also to fight for the people she loves.


As mentioned above, players will be playing as a Lord of a kingdom. Subsequently, they are responsible for various activities: military troops, land conquering, raising heirs, resource production and knights.

However, when they first start the game, they will be a level one Lord. As their level increases, they will obtain bonuses, which can make gameplay easier.

It is important to note that the maximum level of the Lord is Superior Lord level five. Players thus have to progresses through 20 different levels to reach the maximum level. Each of the following categories consist of five levels:

  • Rising Lord
  • Common Lord
  • Senior Lord
  • Superior
  • Lord

The game features a lot of activities for players to participate in. This includes lovers, university and uutpost. However, they can also go on patrol, join an alliance and participate in the arena, among others.


It is clear that players can date and eventually marry characters in the game. They can either on a greeting date or real date a character. With the greeting date, players need to navigate to the lover menu.

In this menu, they should click on the greeting button. This will allow them to date a random lover. Players will gain power points by greeting. However, the chances are very low of getting an heir through this method of dating.

To really date a character, players need to select a lover portrait on the screen. Then, it is advised that they select the date button. It is important to note that they have to increase their intimacy level with their lover to produce an heir.


Players can level up the intimacy levels with their lovers by spending gold on them. This will also earn players power points. Additionally, they can offer the non-player character’s (NPCs) gifts, as some gifts grant intimacy points. It is important to note that gifts can also grant charm points.

Players should thus carefully select a gift to offer to the NPC. Gifts can be earned by doing quests, or by participating in in-game events. Additionally, they can purchase the gifts from the item stores.


King’s Choice is a popular role-playing game with a choice-based simulation. It allows players to build, create and rule their own kingdom. Subsequently, they are responsible for building armies and knights. However, they also need to find love to produce and raise heirs.

The game features various NPCs for players to choose from. It is important to note that they need to improve their relationship with the NPC before they can date, and eventually marry them.

Intimacy levels can be improved by spending gold on the character. Additionally, players can offer them gifts, which can be obtained by doing quests.

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