King’s Choice: Earl of Warwick

The Earl of Warwick is one of the knights that you can recruit in King’s Choice, and he specialises in defeating enemies in the Arena.

To become a powerful monarch, you can assume the role of a lord or a lady in this imaginative mobile game, King’s Choice. It is your responsibility to recruit and train knights, to make vital decisions, participate in battle, and suppress rebellions among other things.

Even though these activities are enjoyable, you should focus on the main storyline of the game. Almost every activity in the game requires Knights, and thus, you first have to recruit some before you can move forward in the game.

There are many Knights you can collect in King’s Choice, and each Knight has unique talents. One of the Knights you can acquire is Richard Neville, otherwise known as the Earl of Warwick.

Knight’s attributes

Although the Knights have unique talents, they all have the same attributes, but the quantity of each attribute differs. Allegedly the higher a Knight’s attributes are, the better he is in the game, so you should remember that each attribute influences your gameplay:

Knight’s attribute Description
Charisma A Knight’s Charisma determines the number of troops you can recruit
Intellect It affects the amount of Silver you can collect
Leadership It determines the amount of grain players can earn
Strength It influences the number of troops you can lose during Outpost battles

King’s Choice: Earl of Warwick

There are more than 30 Knights that you can procure in King’s Choice, one of which is the Earl of Warwick. Richard Neville, or Warwick the Kingmaker, was 1 of the pivotal protagonists in the Wars of the Roses.

Kings Choice- Earl of Warwick

Richard’s brilliant mind, paired with his natural charm, proved to be an excellent weapon against his enemies. Originally on the Yorkist side, but later switching to the Lancastrian side, he was instrumental in the deposition of 2 kings. Thus, he earned the title of Kingmaker.

Similarly to other Knights, the Earl of Warwick possesses unique skills, which are:

Skill name Description
Hard Puncher The Earl can deal additional damage in the Arena
Fair Verdict Richard deals critical strike damage in the Arena
Noble Etiquette This skill increases his health points by a certain quantity while he is in the Arena
Fearless Blade It increases Richard’s attack in the Arena

It is noteworthy that these skills can be upgraded, which increases the effect of the skill. For example, at level 20, Richard has a 7 percent chance of dealing additional damage, but at level 21, the chances are 7.35 percent.

To upgrade the Earl’s skills, you must collect skill points by sending him to the University. Alternatively, you can use him to fight other players’ Knights to earn skill points.

The Earl of Warwick’s talents are:

  • Irresistible Arrangement
  • Determined Revenger
  • Generous Reward
  • Iron Fist
  • Scheming Tactician
  • Last Dance
  • La Pleiade

How to upgrade the Earl of Warwick

After unlocking the Earl, you can increase his powers by upgrading him. To do so, you first have to open your Knight menu, which can be found in the bottom left corner of the main screen.

Players have to scroll down the list of collected Knights until they have found the Earl. If you click on his avatar, you will see all his attributes, talents, and skills. You can increase his level by tapping on the upgrade icon, which is at the bottom of the screen.

Every time you upgrade his level, his knight power will increase. You can increase his attributes using Codices, while talents can be increased using edicts, experience points, and ordinances.

What is the Earl of Warwick’s lover power relations?

All the Knights in the game have a corresponding lover. The Earl of Warwick’s corresponding lover is Lady Godiva; a noblewoman who is known for her unparalleled compassion.

When she sheds her apparel to gain a remission of oppressive taxation, everyone is moved by her selfless deed.

Kings Choice- Earl of Warwick

By improving your relationship with Lady Godiva, you will earn Lover Power Points, which you can use to upgrade the Lover Power Relations. As a result, the Earl of Warwick will receive numerous buffs.

In other words, the better your relationship with Lady Godiva is, the better the Earl of Warwick will perform on the battlefield.

Keep in mind that you have to unlock Lady Godiva by Patrolling before you can improve your relationship with her.


The Patrol activity can be accessed by sliding the screen to the right. After clicking on the Patrol icon, you will notice 4 arrows, and each one points in a different direction. You can click on an arrow to move around the grounds.

You should note that you can only make a limited amount of moves before it reaches a cooldown. While on Patrol, you may encounter lovers, one of which is Lady Godiva. When your intimacy with her reaches a certain level, you can invite her back to your palace.

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