King’s Choice: Diplomatic Marriages

In King’s Choice, you can arrange Diplomatic Marriages for your heirs when they reach adulthood, but keep in mind that it costs gold or a sapphire ring.

This exhilarating mobile game, King’s Choice, invites gamers to assume the role of a king or queen in the medieval era. As the player, it is your responsibility to build an empire from scratch to become a powerful monarch.

While your empire is growing, you can participate in numerous activities, such as defeating enemies, raising heirs, and making important decisions.

Even if the activities are tempting, it is advisable that you focus on completing some chapters in the main storyline before you participate in other features.

You can meet beautiful men and women as you advance in the game, and once you reach a specific point in the relationship with them, you can have an heir and arrange a diplomatic marriage.


The game has more than 10 lovers that you can have relationships with, and each lover has a corresponding knight. The more your relationship with the lover improves, the higher the knight’s power will become.

There are 2 ways to date lovers in the game; a greeting date and a proper date. You can click on the greeting button in the lovers’ menu to perform a random date.

However, if you choose a specific lover before you select the date option, you will go on a date with that lover.

The chances of producing an heir through a random date are quite low, but you can obtain an heir through a proper date.

King’s Choice: Diplomatic Marriages

Once an heir is born, they will be in the nursery, where you can age them up by guiding them. As they grow older, you can dispatch them to increase their skills. It is advised that you select the skill that they are gifted in.

You should keep in mind that it can take some time before your heirs reach adulthood. When an heir reaches adulthood, they can marry other Lords’ Heirs that have the same Nobility Title.

A Diplomatic Marriage provides both sides with additional State Power equal to their spouses’ total attributes.

King’s Choice: Diplomatic Marriages

You can access the Diplomatic Marriage menu by clicking on the Royal Garden icon in the main menu of the game.

In the new menu, you will see the options: Lovers, Heirs, the Ballroom, Home, and Diplomatic Marriages. Select Diplomatic Marriages, then you can view all your adult heirs at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on an heir’s icon, you can view their rank, attribute, and name. You can also arrange a marriage or find love. Players can consume items to send or accept marriage proposals. The items consumed are determined by Heir Titles.

You can send marriage proposals to specific lords or publish them globally. It is noteworthy that marriage proposals are only valid for 24 hours. If a proposal expires, all consumed items will be returned to the sender.

If you want to arrange a marriage, you can click on the tab before choosing whether you want to send the proposal to a specific lord or have a global proposal.

Players also have to choose whether to send gold, or a specific item, such as a sapphire ring. You can arrange multiple marriages simultaneously.

Finding Love

In the Diplomatic Marriages menu, players can find love for their heirs. To do this, you can click on the “Find Love” icon, which will prompt a new menu to appear. In the new menu, you can select 1 of 3 that are available lovers for your heir.

It is crucial to note that there is a possibility that there are no available heirs for your heir to marry in the server you are playing. It is thus recommended that you check if there are people available to marry regularly.

What does a Diplomatic Marriage cost?

Whether you are arranging a marriage, or finding love, it will either cost gold or a Sapphire Rin

g. Gold is a rare resource that is used to purchase privileges, while the Sapphire Ring is only used to arrange diplomatic marriages, and it can only be used for your fifth, sixth, and seventh heirs. Players can acquire Sapphire Rings and Gold by advancing in the game.

When is a Diplomatic Marriage successful?

After arranging a marriage, players on your server have 24 hours to accept the proposal. If someone accepts, a golden exclamation mark will be displayed on the diplomatic marriages section of the Royal Garden.

After clicking on the icon, you will find out which player accepted your marriage proposal. You can see their heir’s rank and attributes before confirming the marriage. Your State Power will increase after every successful Diplomatic Marriage.

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