King’s Choice: Alliance roles

There are 4 different Alliance roles in King’s Choice, and each role has a specific objective that needs to be fulfilled.

You are invited to assume the role of a queen or king in this thrilling mobile game, King’s Choice. The game is set during medieval times, in which you can build your empire from the ground up to become a powerful monarch.

On your quest, you will come across beautiful men and women with whom you can form romantic relationships. The game offers gamers a variety of activities; however, it is advised that you first focus on completing some chapters in the main storyline before participating in other activities.

Players can unlock and gain access to the wide variety of features once they have progressed enough in the main quest.

The game’s activities include, but are not limited to, arranging marriages, raising heirs, joining powerful Alliances, going on patrols, and sending your knights to university.


Similarly to other role-playing titles, King’s Choice has a guild system known as Alliances. You will get the opportunity to create or join an Alliance once you have completed level 15 of the Outpost.

It is worth keeping in mind that creating an Alliance costs approximately 1000 gold. If you are playing on a server that already has many Alliances, it is advisable that you rather join one instead of creating one.

This is because there is a cap on the number of players in a server, which may mean that there are too many Alliances for the total number of players. Once players are part of an Alliance, they can participate in guild-only activities and in mini events.

These events include activities such as construction, dragon bounties, and playing chess on chessboards, among other things. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to partake in Alliance wars.

King’s Choice: Alliance roles

King’s Choice: Alliance roles

Although Alliances may seem like a simple feature, they can impact your gameplay significantly. Players should note that Alliances consist of various roles, and each role serves a purpose in the guild. The table below highlights the distinct Alliance roles and a description of each:

Alliance role Description
Alliance leader This person is responsible for managing the Alliance members and launching events
Deputy Leader They are seen as the leader’s officers, but they are also responsible for managing the Alliance members and launching events
Elite People with the Elite role can send out Alliance invitations and spend Gold to launch Dragon Bounty
Member Members contribute to the Alliance’s development and camaraderie

It is important to note that only the Alliance Leader and the Deputy Leaders can promote or expel members in or from the guild. If they think you have earned a higher rank in the Alliance, they will grant it to you.

If you are an Alliance Leader or a Deputy Leader, you can promote or expel members by going to the main Alliance page and selecting members. Here, you will be able to see all the players in your Alliance and manage their roles.

King’s Choice: Alliance roles

How to increase your role in the Alliance

When you join an Alliance for the first time, you will assume a member role. As a member, it is your responsibility and duty to contribute to the Alliance’s activities and events while supporting its camaraderie.

You can increase your role in the Alliance by being an active guild member and helping out wherever possible and necessary. It is recommended that you actively participate in the Alliance Construction, Dragon Bounty, and the Road Construction.

Not only does this increase your role in the guild, but you will earn Alliance Coins. Furthermore, you should engage with the other gamers in your Alliance by typing in the chat feature.

Alliance Coins

Alliance Coins are an in-game currency that can only be used to purchase items from the Alliance Shop. There are several items available for purchase, which are indicated in the table below:

Item Description Price
Silver Coupon Players can use it to receive 100 000 Silver 10 Alliance Coins
Conscription Draft You will recruit 100 000 soldiers when you use this item 10 Alliance Coins
Newbie Certificate It can be used to sign up for the Knights Parade 350 Alliance Coins
Prestige Chest Players can use it to receive 50 Prestige 200 Alliance Coins

Is it mandatory to join or create an Alliance?

As mentioned before, the Alliance system in King’s Choice is a guild feature. Players should note that joining an Alliance does not have an influence on the main campaign of the game.

However, joining an Alliance may reward you with various items that you can use in other aspects of the game. That being said, it is not mandatory to create or join an Alliance. It is entirely your choice whether you want to form part of a guild or not.

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