King Legacy: Sword Tier List

Since there are various Swords in King Legacy, it can be difficult to determine which are considered the best, but fortunately, you can use a Tier List.

King Legacy is an exciting Roblox-based video game in which you complete quests and defeat enemies using numerous skills and weapons.

Swords are one of the 4 main methods of combat in the game and to enhance them, you can coat your Sword with Busoshoku Haki.

All the Swords have been categorized into 4 different categories, namely First Sea, Second Sea, Dark Blade and Event Swords. Since there is an array of Swords available, it is no surprise that some Swords are more powerful than others.

King Legacy players have created a tier list of which Swords are considered the best in the game and which Swords are seen as the worst  in the game.

The S+ tier is home to the best Swords in the game and therefore, we recommend that players obtain them.

The tier list ends with the F category, which is home to the worst Swords in King Legacy. There are numerous tiers between Rank S+ and Rank F, however, the power and quality of the Swords decrease with every rank.

Players can use the following tier list to discover the best, and worst  Swords in King Legacy:

Tier Swords
  • Soul Cane
  • Hunter Blade
  • Saber
  • Dark Blade
  • Anubix Axe
  • Pondere Blade
  • Acrosythe
  • Hell Sword
  • Noirceur
  • Apollos
  • Phoenix Blade
  • Cookie Sword
  • Longaevus
  • Bisento
  • Sweet Lozenge
  • Avalon
  • Pumpkin Smasher
  • Xmas Blade
  • Barbaric Axe
  • Triple Katana
  • Shark Blade
  • Mini Mace
  • Adventure Knife
  • Tashi Blade
  • Jitter
  • Katana

How to collect Swords

Each Sword in King’s Legacy can be acquired in a unique way. The following table outlines how you can obtain some Swords:

Sword How to acquire
Soul Cane Players have to defeat Boss Sally to obtain this powerful Sword.
Hunter Blade You can obtain this Sword by getting 10m Bounty before the bounty reset.
Saber There is a 15 percent chance that you could earn this Sword by defeating the Expert Swordman Boss.
Dark Blade The only way to get this Sword is by purchasing the Gamepass with Robux.
Anubis Axe Players have a 10 percent chance of obtaining this Sword vanquishing defeating the Anubis Boss.


As seen in the table, some of the most powerful Swords in King Legacy can only be acquired by defeating a boss. That being said, there is only a 10 percent or a 15 percent chance that you will get the Sword after defeating the boss.

This means that you may have to destroy the boss several times to earn the Sword that you are looking for. You have to defeat Sally, who can be found at the Pirates Skull Island, to acquire the Soul Cane Sword.

Although this Sword is perfect for player-versus-player, its drop rate is quite low. To acquire Anubis Axe, you have to vanquish the level 3150 boss, Anubis. Players can find him in Dead Tundra Island, which is in the Second Sea.


When you have decided you want to defeat Anubis to farm the Anubis Axe, we recommend that you consider the boss’ skills and abilities.

King Legacy: Sword Tier List
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If you understand his skills, you will have a higher chance at defeating him. The following table lists his abilities and a description of each:


Ability Description Tips
God Justice The boss forms a huge circle of a ritual which causes a devastating amount of damage to you. Players have to move out of the way once the boss starts summoning the ritual circle.
Against God Anubis smashes the ground with a good amount of range, which deals damage to your character. To avoid this attack, you should activate the Kenbunshoku Haki.


Busoshoku Haki

As previously mentioned, you can enhance your Sword with Busoshoku Haki, which has different versions available. The first version can be bought at Bubble Island in the first sea for 500 000 Beli. When applied, it coats your arms in black and provides you with a damage buff for all Swords and fighting styles.

It is essential for combat, especially for players who mainly use sword and melee. You can use this effect for both the player-versus-player and player-versus-environments. To obtain version 2 of Buso Haki, you must be at least level 3600 and have collected the first version.

If you meet the requirement, you can see Lee, who is by the dock of Marine HQ. He will tell you to find Pung, who is  at the Pirate Skull. After talking to him, you have to defeat Dark Beard and talk to Pung again. Pung will then send you to see Lee, who will offer you the second version of Buso Haki for 35 million Beli.

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