Kenshi Rotate Items

Kenshi has a problem with item management, due to the limited storage space. A storage problem is causing some items to occupy more space than others.

There is a question of whether you can rotate an item in your backpack so that it can fit in more resources or equipment in your storage bag.

Kenshi, however, is not that kind of tetris game where you rotate the blocks to get the best fit. There are some recommendations in the guide, such as buying the thieves’ backpack, bull’s backpack, sorting out your inventory, etc., to have more slot space in your storage space, so you can fit more items inside.

Can you rotate items in kenshi?

No, rotating an item so you can fit more items is impossible. The good news is that there are things you can do to maximize your storage space when playing Kenshi.

#1. Investing in a bull backpack is one alternative.

bulls backpack

While you have more storage with this backpack, you will have slower mobility. With the bull backpack, you can also fit large weapons.

#2. Optimize your backpack.

The backpack can be optimized by sorting your inventory and then checking it to see which items you want to keep, sell, or throw away. In this way, you can decide what you should keep in the long run and what you should discard.

#3 The next alternative is to buy a thieves backpack which offers 10 slots and no penalty for wearing empty. You only need to buy the medium one, so make sure you check it before deciding which backpack to buy.

thieves backpack

#4 Create an item mod for Kenshi. This is a long-standing problem for the Kenshi community, and I’m sure it would be appreciated by the players to have a decent item mod for it.

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