Kenshi: Robotic limbs

In Kenshi, characters are able to lose or damage their limbs in battle, luckily, they can replace the limbs with robotic limbs.


Kenshi is a single player video game with real-time strategy elements. It is set in a vast and atmospheric “sword-punk” style open world. With a mix of role-playing elements, city-building features and squad-based control, the gameplay is completely free-roaming.

Players are thus able to enjoy the freedom and do whatever they want. The game takes place in an unyielding world of hunger bandits and barbaric cannibals. Additionally, it features cruel slavers and wild beasts. Surviving alone is thus an extremely tiring sport.

The game’s official description states that the player is not the chosen one. It also reveals that the player is not great and powerful. However, players are able to change that if they are prepared to work for it.

Players start the game with no skills and subsequently, struggle to survive in the early stages of the game. However, skills can be learned and levelled by doing certain activities. For example, players can level up their thievery by stealing items.

The game allows players to either play with one character or control an entire army. It is important to note that the combat is real-time strategy style. Players have a choice of melee and ranged fighting styles. Whether they only play with one character or with 10, they are able to edit their units.

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Players are able to build up their units’ strengths to watch them endure and grow. Players will be able to train their skills in engineering, medicine, weapon smithing, robotics and thievery.

Additionally, players are able to create and run their own city. This feature allows players to manage an empire or simply discover the lands as a solo traveller. In the cities, players can research upgrades such as weaponry crafting, industry tech and trade goods.

It is important to note that as part of the in-game damage system, the units’ limbs can be severed or can be damaged. Luckily, players are able to replace missing limbs with robot limbs.

Kenshi: Robotic limbs

Robot limbs come in various forms and give bonus, or penalties to certain skills. The boosts can be so desirable that players may make one of their units lose a limb on purpose to install a robot limb. Whenever a unit is missing any natural limbs, the “Limbs” option in the inventory window unlocks.

Players will then be able to install prosthetics the same way weapons and armour are equipped. It is important to note that all characters, including skeletons, need to lose their limbs through trauma before robotic limbs can be used.

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The robot limbs should be maintained in the same way skeletons maintain themselves. This means that cut damage needs to be fixed on the spot with a robotics repair kit.

While the wear and tear damage that builds up over time can be fixed by using a skeleton repair bed. The repair beds can be purchased in locations which sell robotic limbs, and it usually requires payment the same way a bar bed does.

It is important to note that characters can get in trouble in The Holy Nation, when they have robotic limbs. They will be viewed as no better than Skeletons and will be attacked. However, characters with a faction reputation of 50, or higher, will not be attacked.

Where to obtain robotic limbs

Purchasing robot limbs

In Kenshi, players can purchase robot limbs at the following vendors:

  • Travel and Repairs Shop
  • Robotics Shop
  • Robotics Workshop
  • Hive Robotics Shop
  • Mongrel Robotics Workshop

Players should note that the Hive shops specialize in the cheap robotic limbs, while the others, run by Skeletons, have higher quality items. However, a large selection of high-quality limbs can be purchased at the Black Desert City Robotics Shop.

Crafting robot limbs

Additionally, players can craft the robotic limbs on a Skeleton Limb Bench. However, unlike with armour and weapons, there are no blueprints for limbs. Instead, players can unlock new crafting options by doing research in the crafting tech tree.

Economy limb research only becomes available at tech level four. While skeleton limbs unlock at tech level five, and the rest at tech level six. Players should be aware that all robotic limbs are “craftable”, except for the Thief and Steady arms.

The quality of a crafted limb depends on the crafter’s robotics skills. It is the same skill that is trained by using repair kits and by crafting components at the robotics bench.

The quality of the items will suffer when the crafter is working in low light conditions, or if he is not physically well.

Contrasting to an armour or weapon smith, a robotics crafter can reach a skill level at which all products will be maximum quality. With a robotic skill of 90 and good crafting conditions, any crafted limb will be Masterwork grade.

It is important to note that the higher quality limbs require a complicated crafting procedure when constructed from raw materials. Players crafting in a bought house can purchase the Robotics Components as it will reduce the fuss.

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