Is the versus battle removed from clash of clans?

Balancing Attacking and Defending One of the things we like about Versus Battles in the current Builder Base is that a good defense is as important as a good offense. However there’s some problems with Versus Battles we discussed earlier so they are being removed in Builder Base 2.0.

Where is versus battle in Clash of Clans?

Summary. The Versus Battle was a game mode exclusive to the Builder Base, where two players attack each other’s builder base at the same time.

What is the update for Clash of Clans 2023?

The October 2023 Update for Clash of Clans is here! A new Clan Capital District is ready for your Clan to build together. With Goblin Mines comes 2 new Capital Troops, including a brand-new Mega Troop ready to unleash devastation: Mega Sparky!

Why is COC Global Chat removed?

Global chat was removed because of the amount of toxicity in the game and how players would always go to support and bug them. there was no real way to take care of it without banning players, and supercell really needed players as it was slowly dying.

What is the builder base update 2023?

The May 2023 update for Clash of Clans is live and brings the Builder Base 2.0 rework, Builder Hall 10, adds an X-Bow to the Builder Base and the new Electrofire Wizard troop.

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Is builder base getting removed?

We’ve known for a while now that Supercell has been working on a redesign for Builder Base in Clash of Clans. There was lots of promise when the Builder Base was first introduced into the game, but over the years it has sort of fallen by the wayside.

Will there be a level 10 Builder Hall?

Upgrading to Builder Hall level 10 not only gives you a new, cool looking upgrade but allows you to upgrade your Defenses to level 10, unlocks a brand new Defense, and a brand new Troop when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12: Electrofire Wizard!

Do people still play COC?

Yes people still plays Clash of Clan. Even the number of players are increasing day by day from 9–10 year old kid to 35–40 years old man most of them plays it and they are very very addicted to this game.

Why were flags removed from Clash of Clans?

And while some things in Clash may draw ideas from various inspirations, we want to keep the Clash Universe separate from real life references. All national flags are now removed from Clash of Clans. Any flags that have been purchased have been refunded. Fictional flags still remain in the game.

Did COC reduce barracks?

Here is what’s changing: We will remove extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings and only keep one of each. The highest level building will be kept, and in case all the highest level buildings are under construction you will keep the one with the shortest upgrade time left.

Will there be a town hall 16?

When was Town Hall 16 released? Now using this the expect release for th16 would be around April 2nd 2024 (540 days after th15 release date October 10th 2022).

How much does it cost to max out Clash of Clans 2023?

In conclusion, to fully max your base including costs of rescources and time, it costs: Gems: 1,544,382 USD$: 11038.86 (11 thousand USD$, around £6500!) I think these stats really show how gold is far more important in clash, and exactly how much some people spend. Hope this is useful because I had fun making it.

Does COC upgrade itself?

For players who have taken a break from Clash of Clans, the Auto Upgrade feature becomes a valuable ally upon their return. After a period of inactivity exceeding 90 days, structures within their village are automatically upgraded, ensuring progress is not lost.

What does Otto stand for COC?

A question was posted on the Supercell forum about what O.T.T.O stand for and Darian Vorlick a member of the Supercell staff replied with Organizatonal[sic] Tidying Trimmer Organizer, Orbital Tedium Tending Orderly, and Outstanding Tolerable Tributary Oscillator.

Where is COC played most?

Clash of Clans highest usage is in the United States, followed by Turkey and China.

Is Clash of clans on the decline?

Clash of Clans may not be as popular as it was in the mid-2010s, but it is still one of the highest grossing games on iOS and Android.

Why is Clash of Clans banned in China?

Clash of Clans is banned because it encourages violence, tribal war and is extensively addictive, as the government states.

What has been removed from clash of clans?

Global Chat was removed from the game due to security reasons. It was too much of a hassle for Supercell to manage the global chat because players and especially minors all over the world playing the game were prone to harassment and bullying.

Is it worth playing coc in 2023?

The simple answer is yes. Clash of Clans is a popular game. Coc is one of the few games which are popular from its release till now. Clash of Clans has a worldwide audience who will continue to play it.

How many people still play Clash of Clans daily?

Leading Android gaming apps in the U.S. 2022, by DAU

Clash of Clans was ranked second with 1.87 million daily active users.

Can you make money from Clash of Clans?

Overall, setting up a Twitch or YouTube channel to stream your Clash of Clans gameplay can be a rewarding experience both creatively and financially. By creating engaging and informative content and utilizing various monetization methods, you can turn your passion for Clash of Clans into a profitable venture.

Is there a 6th builder in COC?

Once fully upgraded, B.O.B becomes available and will appear in the Home Village as the 6th builder.

Should I rush to Builder Hall 10?

Upgrading to Builder Hall level 10 not only gives you a new, cool looking upgrade but allows you to upgrade your Defenses to level 10, unlocks a brand new Defense, and a brand new Troop when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12: Electrofire Wizard!

Is 5 builders in a max in Clash of Clans?

Generally, the maximum numbers of builders you can have is five, although it is possible to get a sixth builder through the builder base (technically the Master Builder) to help with your upgrades.

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