Is The Last of Us infection realistic?

Yes. The fungus from The Last of Us is based on a real fungus that exists in nature today and is called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, or cordyceps. Cordyceps is often referred to as the “zombie-ant fungus” because it primarily infects ants and other insects such as spiders.

How scientifically accurate is The Last of Us?

Although “The Last of Us” may be more fiction than fact, Roberts says there’s a sentiment of gratitude among infectious disease specialists for the rise in awareness of fungal infections. “The show might not be realistic, but pathogens like Candida auris are likely going to get more press now,” he says.

Is it possible for The Last of Us to happen?

There are some species that can cause disease in humans, not the Cordyceps, but there are others.” Most of the science community is saying that a Cordyceps-related apocalypse is extremely unlikely for a multitude of reasons.

Is a Cordyceps infection possible?

Despite their inclusion in popular works of fiction, Cordyceps fungi are not likely to evolve to trigger infections in humans in the future. Many Cordyceps species are highly specialized to infect certain species of arthropods, such as ants or spiders.

Is a fungus pandemic possible?

A fungal pandemic is unlikely in humans. That’s not true for other species. – American Chemical Society.

Could The Last Of Us Happen IRL? Surgeon Reacts To Cordyceps Infection & Zombie Fungus

Can Cordyceps evolve to infect humans?

There are thousands of species of cordyceps each designed to infect a particular species – luckily, humans aren’t one of them. The human body’s immune system is more advanced than that of an ant and has a higher internal temperature, which would protect it from cordyceps infection.

Could fungus infect humans like The Last of Us?

According to Dr. Perlin, “The properties that allow The Last of Us fungus, cordyceps, to attack insects in the way they do is very specific to the insect, and cannot be easily changed to affect other species, such as humans.”

What happens if a human eats a Cordyceps fungus?

Cordyceps is not a drug but a fungus. It is not poisonous and is often used in traditional medicine and as a dietary supplement due to its potential health benefits. However, consuming large amounts of Cordyceps can have adverse effects such as headaches and allergies.

Is there really no cure for Cordyceps?

The fungus he cites has no goal other than to spread, by any means necessary, ravaging “billions of puppets with poisoned minds.” Then he adds the real kicker: “And there are no treatments for this, no preventatives, no cures. They don’t exist. It’s not even possible to make them.”

Why couldn t Cordyceps infect humans?

That’s because as humans, we have an incredibly advanced immune system to help protect us and a much higher body temperature than the cordyceps prefer. So, fungi are infectious but not in the same way that’s presented in the show. While they won’t turn a human into a mindless zombie, they can still cause damage.

How likely is a last of us scenario?

‘The Last of Us’ is based on real science: A fungus pandemic is unlikely, but not impossible.

Can fungi evolve to infect humans?

“In a fantastical way, the logical links are there, but it’s not likely to happen in real life,” says Will. But while scientists aren’t worried about fungi evolving to turn people into zombies, rising temperatures do pose a real risk of making fungal infections worse.

What kills Cordyceps?

An autoclave: While it’s technically possible to sterilize substrates using a pressure cooker, they aren’t designed for this particular purpose, making autoclaves the more reliable option.

Are last of us Infected still conscious?

According to the study, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis doesn’t affect the brain; it bypasses it. So, in the case of that fungus, the ant is just a passenger. The Last of Us TV’s early infected could be completely aware of what their bodies are doing but be unable to stop it, not unlike in the movie Get Out.

Would Ellie have made the cure in The Last of Us?

Ellie’s Immunity Isn’t A Cure In The Last Of Us (Nor Is Anything Else) Joel kills the doctors before they try to synthesize a cure from Ellie’s blood, meaning that nobody knows if a cure was actually possible in the HBO show.

Why is Ellie immune?

Ellie’s immunity didn’t come because she cordyceps grew with her since birth. She was immune because her system learned to fight it as a newborn and so when she was bitten she was able to fight it off.

Is Ellie the only immune?

The fact that Ellie is seemingly the only person immune to Cordyceps in history means that, whether the surgeon is sure or not, he will still be dedicated to trying to craft a cure. The reality is, both the original The Last of Us and HBO’s TV adaptation of the game remain ambiguous on whether a cure would be possible.

Why couldn t they make a vaccine in The Last of Us?

In The Last of Us TV show, they would almost certainly have come upon many of these difficulties – which may explain why they’d been unable to develop a cordyceps vaccine. A major hurdle that would need to be overcome is getting to know the cordyceps fungi causing the zombie-like infection.

Why is there no antifungal in The Last of Us?

“No Preventatives, No Cure”

The Last of Us makes much of the idea that because cordyceps is a fungus, it can’t be treated with medicine.

Why aren t animals infected in The Last of Us?

The inspiration for cordycepts is based on a real fungi that infects insects, there are thousands of cordycepts species, each specialized for a specific insect, so animals cant get infected because the fungi are only specialized to humans.

Why isn t the zombie fungus more successful?

Even if the fungi were able to cause a small infection, the machinery that is needed for the fungus to do such a precise manipulation is simply not there. These fungi evolved strategies to manipulate specific insect hosts over millions and millions of years. They’re not generalists.

Where did The Last of Us virus come from?

The origin of the Cordyceps infection is revealed in-game through a newspaper clipping in The Last of Us. Found at Joel and Sarah’s house, the clipping from the local paper The Texas Herald reveals the Cordyceps infection and the Clickers that result from it began spreading after crops became infected in South America.

Are The Last of Us zombies possible?

HBO’s hotly anticipated TV adaptation of the acclaimed Last of Us game series premiered on Sunday, showcasing the world after a devastating fungal pandemic wiped out most of humanity, a fictional brain infection that experts say is inspired by a very real set of fungi that can hijack their hosts and turn them into …

Could The Walking Dead happen?

Think zombies are a made-for-TV phenomenon? You may want to think again. While there is no reason to worry about the walking dead traipsing down your street anytime soon, there are real-life illnesses that can simulate the fictional undead.

Who is immune to the fungus in last of us?

The finale of “The Last of Us” finally revealed exactly how Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) became immune to the cordyceps infection, confirming a long-standing fan theory.

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