Is Sumeru as good as Inazuma?

While it may take some time to get used to the new traversal mechanics and environmental Elemental Reactions, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air after Inazuma’s hostile climate. Sumeru’s terrain and interactable elements encourage players to explore the region, and that’s an improvement.

Should I go to Inazuma or Sumeru first?

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru, the Nation of Wisdom, comes after Inazuma in the Archon questline, but it can be unlocked early on.

Is Sumeru bigger than Inazuma?

Sumeru Desert is bigger than everything except inazuma/instances combined.

Can I skip Inazuma for Sumeru?

Unlike the Inazuma region, which is only accessible by completing certain Archon Quests, you can explore Sumeru even if you’re fairly new to Genshin Impact! This means to get to Sumeru, all you have to do is travel to the newly unlocked region west of Mondstadt and Liyue.

Is Sumeru the best region?

Dare I say, it’s one of the best region expansions to ever hit Genshin Impact, surpassing even the likes of Inazuma, Mondstadt, and Liyue combined.


How long to finish Sumeru?

A chart reveals the length of each Archon Chapter in Genshin Impact, with the newest region, Sumeru, taking approximately 14 hours to complete. The Kalpa Flame Rises was the by far the longest act in the game as it takes players around 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete.

Is Sumeru worth exploring?

I love what Mihoyo has done with the NPCs and mobs in Sumeru. Unlike other regions, Sumeru actually looks like it’s populated. It has many merchants and civilians that line its streets interacting with one another.

Do I have to finish Sumeru before Fontaine?

If you haven’t completed Sumeru’s main story yet, you can still visit Fontaine. All you need to do is ensure you’ve completed Archon Quest Prologue, Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom. This Archon Quest takes place in Mondstadt fairly early on in the game.

Can you go to Sumeru without doing chasm?

Apart from this being a great introductory area to Sumeru, it also serves as the easiest way into it your first time. Below will show you how to get to Sumeru quickly. Note: If you haven’t explored The Chasm, you’ll need to make your way to the west-most teleport waypoint at Cinnabar Clif.

How many Primogems with Sumeru?

Over 2,000 Primogems come from completing your four daily commissions every day, while exploring the new region in the Sumeru desert will likely net you 2,000 more.

Does Sumeru have a tree like Inazuma?

The Tree of Dreams in Sumeru is a new interactable brought into the game as part of Genshin Impact 3.0, and is one of the most important new additions for players who like to gain rewards for free. It’s very similar to the Sacred Sakura of Inazuma, so if you’re a fan of that, you’ll love this.

Will Sumeru get expanded?

According to the leak, Sumeru’s future expansions will all be to the north, and they will all be covered with sand, which confirms previous theories that the nation is made mostly of deserts.

Can you use Kaeya to get to Inazuma early?

Note: If you cleverly create an extensive ice bridge (using Kaeya’s skill) to reach Inazuma, you’re in for a rude awakening. It will take almost 30 minutes to reach the edge of the area, but unfortunately, the Electro Archon will shoot unwelcomed guests with a bolt of lightning before reaching the shore.

Did Nahida give her Gnosis to the doctor?

Nahida agrees to give him the Electro Gnosis but only if Dottore erases all his other segments.

What should I do before going to Sumeru?

4 Unlock All Statue Of The Seven In Sumeru

Of course, before starting the Sumeru Quests in Genshin Impact, it’s a good idea to unlock the Statue of the Seven in the area. There are some Quest-locked statues, but when Travelers first arrive in Sumeru, they can focus on the few that are immediately available.

Can you go to Sumeru at AR 20?

According to the Hoyolab article about the Graven Innocence event, where you get a free Collei, players can quick start it if they’ve finished “Prologue: Act I – The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.” They may also need to be at least AR 20 though, however that still won’t take too long for a new player to reach.

What level should I be in Sumeru?

Genshin Impact Sumeru quest: How to unlock it

Raise your Adventure Level (AR) to 35 or higher. Complete the Archon Quest “Requiem of the Echoing Depths”.

What happens if you leave Sumeru during quest?

If the player leaves Sumeru City, the quest progress will be completely reset. However, all interpretation and association progress during Contemplation is saved, so players can immediately resubmit the correct conclusion if desired.

How do I prepare for 4.0 Genshin?

Define a reliable team comp and level up characters, weapons, and talents before the release of Fontaine. Stock up on Primogems for new characters and farm Mora and Exp materials to prepare for Genshin Impact 4.0 and Fontaine.

What country is Fontaine based on?

In Genshin Impact 4.0, Fontaine is inspired by France.

Who is the Fontaine Archon?

Furina (AKA Focalors, Fontaine’s Archon)

How big is Sumeru compared to Liyue?

A new post on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit apparently reveals the size of the whole Sumeru region. The leak confirms previous rumors about Sumeru being the largest region released in the game so far and is even bigger than Mondstadt and Liyue combined.

What quest should I do first in Genshin Impact?

What to do first in Genshin Impact. If you’re just starting out your journey in Teyvat, we suggest playing through as much of the story as you can first (this is called the Archon Quest), and getting to at least Adventure Rank 12, as this is when Daily Commissions unlock.

How much of Sumeru is underground?

There are over 20 underground areas in Sumeru and accessing them can be tricky for players who are unfamiliar with the entry points. In their majority, these do not have special requirements, like Inazuma’s Enkanomiya or Liyue’s Chasm in Genshin Impact, but a few are, in fact, blocked by quest progression.

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