Is PowerA a good brand controller?

It even adds some useful extras like programmable buttons and a volume toggle. The cable is the biggest drawback, but the feel and build quality also take a step down compared to Microsoft’s Series X/S controller. If nothing else, the PowerA Controller is a great “little brother controller.”

Is PowerA approved by Nintendo?

PowerA creates officially licensed accessories for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile gaming experiences.

Is the PowerA Xbox controller any good?

Its build quality is just fine, and it even has two mappable rear buttons built into the grips — which is great to have at such a low price. The rest of the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a whole lot of table stakes, but it executes everything quite well for a ridiculously affordable price.

Is PowerA licensed by Microsoft?

Official Licensed Product

This PowerA Wired Controller is officially licensed for Xbox. Always look for this logo when buying Xbox accessories as assurance that the product meets Microsoft quality, safety and security standards and has passed rigorous validation and quality control.

How long does a PowerA controller last?

Each rechargeable controller features world-class design along with awesome gaming features* Program two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons on-the-fly, tilt your way through turns with motion controls, and enjoy up to 30 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Vs. PowerA Controller | Which Should You Buy?

Is PowerA Xbox controller official?

This officially licensed Xbox controller features a soft-touch rubberized finish, dual rumble motors, and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack to enhance your gaming experience. Of course, you’ll also enjoy precision-tuned analog sticks and an intuitive button/trigger layout.

Is PowerA third party?

PowerA’s latest peripheral combines a unique modular design with officially licensed Xbox Wireless support, making it the first third-party wireless Xbox controller.

Where are PowerA controllers made?


Since 1998, our headquarters has been in Woodinville, WA. Located just minutes away from our friends at Xbox, Nintendo, Amazon and more. Today, we have offices all over the globe, but we are proud to call this little town next to Seattle home.

Where is PowerA manufactured?

Headquartered in Woodinville, Washington, PowerA creates innovative accessory products that enhance the world’s best video game and mobile technology experiences.

Are PowerA controllers smaller?

Reach the right buttons at the right time with a compact design that’s easier to navigate than standard-sized controllers. This mini controller is perfect for players looking to travel lighter or reduce hand fatigue during long gaming marathons.

Which Xbox controller is good?

Best overall: PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S. PowerA has, in recent years, become the primary third-party option for console gamers’ controllers, with Xbox, of course, but also Switch and PlayStation 5. The reason is simple: their controllers are good.

Do PowerA controllers have input lag?

Tested it side by side with the joycons and there’s a good 0.5 second delay.

Do PowerA controllers vibrate?

This product does not support vibration functionality.

Are PowerA controllers licensed?

Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games* in style with this officially licensed PowerA wired controller. This controller features an ergonomic design and standard button layout.

Do PowerA controllers have Bluetooth?

Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games like a pro with this Officially Licensed Power enhanced wireless Controller. Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless Controller features iconic Link silhouette design in green, motion controls, standard layout, and metallic d-pad.

What controller do the pros use?

Scuf Gaming is the official controller partner of major gaming leagues, including CDL, MLG, ESL, UMG, Gfinity and EGL. With operations and production in North America and Europe, Scuf Gaming also provides a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for elite gamers.

How long do Xbox controllers last?

Microsoft estimates that this gives the controller more than 10 years of life. Given recent console upgrade cycles, that means the controller will last long enough for people to buy just one controller and then move on to their next console.

Why are controllers so expensive?

Why are controllers so expensive now? Microsoft’s Xbox controllers feature high-end components, such as reinforced buttons, triggers, and analog sticks, as well as vibration feedback and wireless connectivity. These features add to the cost of production and result in a more expensive product.

Do PowerA controllers come with warranty?

If you experience any problems with a PowerA product, you may qualify for product replacement. PowerA offers a non-transferable, two-year replacement warranty with proof of purchase; please retain your sales receipt.

Do PowerA controllers use batteries?

This controller does use replaceable AA batteries but batteries are included.

Are aftermarket switch controllers good?

And so, third party Joy-Cons are a great way the switch out your current ones. They are not only cheaper, but also come in a number of shapes and sizes, giving you a choice of grip options. Some even come with lighting features, making your console look pretty neat, if you’re into that.

Why is my PowerA Xbox controller not working?

Try using a different USB port: Sometimes USB ports can become faulty or have issues with certain devices. Try plugging your controller into a different USB port on your PC to see if that resolves the issue. Reinstall the Xbox App: If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Xbox App on your PC.

What is a PowerA controller?

The PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S offers the essential features you need for gaming on Xbox. Licensed by Xbox, this controller features Dual Rumble Motors and Immersive Impulse Triggers to bring your virtual worlds to life.

Does PowerA Xbox controller need batteries?

Officially licensed by Xbox, the Xbox One Charging Station eliminates the cost of replacement batteries. Keep your Xbox One wireless controllers fully-charged and ready to game!

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