Is Hiiro the best hero in Alchemy Stars?

Hiiro is often described as one of the best heroes in Alchemy Stars, as she specializes in multi-tile enemy beating and can change tiles and crowd control.

Alchemy Stars is a tactical role-playing gacha mobile game. It allows players to build teams of five characters known as “Aurorians.” Each character is associated with one of the four elements. In the turn-based combat stages, players guide their Aurorians along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible.

Characters can also activate abilities to influence the battlefield, such as teleporting, healing or changing a tile’s element. Outside of combat, players are able to build up their base and interact with, or level up, their characters.

Hiiro is one of the most popular characters in the Alchemy Stars. She is the Legion commander in charge of the Third Legion of the Illumina Federation. She has been described as the best character as she specializes in multi-tile enemy beating.

She has two deadly skills: Afterglow and Crimson Sakura. Hiiro has similar crowd control (CC) as the Aeria. If a player is running low on the long tile-matching, it is recommended that they own two-tile CC on Hiiro. It is also a good thing to have whenever players are nearby the enemies they want to attack.

Hiiro’s active skill, crimson Sakura, allows her to convert any of the tiles on the board. The skill also deals damage on a crossed shape to a maximum range with a source of a converted tile.

In order to obtain the most benefits, players need to place Hiiro into teams where she wants to fit. She is very suitable to take on the role of captain. However, players can change whenever she is getting released or support enhanced tiles.

The best suitable team for Hiiro would consist of Gabriel, Oct, Uriah and Flex. However, if a player lacks one of the mentioned characters, they can replace them with other characters. It is important to note that the replacement characters are not optimal but will get the job done. Players can replace Gabriel with Ninikis, Pact with Ophina or Sika, and Flax with Jola.

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