Is Grass super effective against Electric?

For example, from a defending perspective, Grass-type Pokémon like Tangela are weak against Flying-, Poison-, Bug-, Fire-, and Ice-type attacks but strong against Ground-, Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks.

What’s super effective to electric?

Ground Types are the best for fighting against Electric Type due to both Ground Attacks being Super Effective against Electric Types, and Electric Attacks not effecting Ground Types.

What is grass super effective against?

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. The Grass type (Japanese: くさタイプ Grass type) is one of the eighteen types. Grass-type moves are super effective against Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type Pokémon, while Grass-type Pokémon are weak to Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, Ice-, and Poison-type moves.

What attacks are super effective against electric?

Electric-type Pokemon are great defensive fighters as they only have one vulnerability: ground moves. Players should, therefore, use a strong Ground-type Pokemon, such as Rhyperior, Groudon, or Garchomp, when fighting against an Electric-type Pokemon.

What is electric weak to?

What is an Electric-type Pokemon’s weaknesses? Electric-type Pokemon have one primary weakness when it comes to moves and opposing Pokemon types: Ground-types.


What is grass weak to?

From an attacking perspective, Grass-type attacks are strong against Water-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon and weak against Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, Grass-, Poison-, Dragon-, and Steel-type Pokémon. In a battle, you can tell if an attack is strong or weak by the prompts that appear on screen.

Does Electric have no weakness?

Electric-type Pokémon are normally weak to Ground-type moves, but Eelektross and its previous forms are the exceptions.

Is Rock super effective against Electric?

Originally Answered: How are electric-type pokemons able to defeat rock-type Pokémons in the anime series of Pokémon? because rock is not immune electric it’s ground that is immune to it. it is true that there are a few rock and ground type pokemon but not all of them are.

Why is Ghost weak to Dark?

Ghosts are, in general, highly transparent. The darker its surrounding are, the less you can see it. This means that it instills less fear, and it’s power weakens.

Are grass Pokemon good?

Where this typing’s strengths lie is when complemented by secondary types, including Bulbasaur’s final stage Venusaur and the defensive force Ferrothorn. Grass-type Pokémon are generally unlikely to top any list of the best types overall, but they still bring plenty to the table.

What is a dark Pokemon’s weakness?

Dark-Type Weaknesses and Counters. Dark-type Pokemon are weak to Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type Pokemon. This means moves that are any of these types are 160% as effective against Dark-type Pokemon and good choices for countering them.

What is super effective against Electric Pokemon scarlet?

Pure Electric Type Pokémon Only Have One Weakness in Scarlet and Violet – Ground Type. Electric type is one of the few types to have a single weakness, taking 2x damage from Ground attacks and from no other type.

Is fire ghost a good typing?

Weakness: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water

The Fire/Ghost Type immediately brings strength to the table, particularly against rather unconventional Types such as Psychic and Steel.

Is water weak to Electric Pokemon?

Water-type Pokémon are weak to Electric-type moves, and strong against Fire-type moves.

What are Fairy types weak to?

Fairy-type Pokemon have three main weaknesses: Poison-type attacks, Steel-types, and Fire types.

What are Dragon types weak against?

As Dragon type Pokémon are weak to their own type, you’ll want to be careful using your own Dragon to fight opposing ones and instead opt for Ice or Fairy type Pokémon. Ice type in particular often deals 4x damage to common Dragon types like Garchomp, Applin, and Dragonite.

What is Steel fairy weakness?


It may exclude some of the more popular and common elemental typings, but it makes up for that with a whopping nine total resistances which include: Bug, Dark, Fairy, Grass, Flying, Normal, Psychic, and Rock. SteelFairy typing does have one more weakness than the others on this list with Fire and Ground.

Why is bug strong against Dark?

Because they are scary. That quite literally seems to be the rational, Dark is known as the “evil” type in Japan for the record before I continue. So Physic is weak to common phobias, bugs, ghosts, and evil people in the dark. “Evil” is weak to fighting in the open, faith(fairies), and being afraid(bugs).

What are Aerodactyl weaknesses?

Mega Aerodactyl is weak against – Electric, ice, rock, steel and water-types.

Do any Pokemon have 0 weaknesses?

For a while, Sableye and Spiritomb had no weaknesses, because they were both Dark/Ghost. Ever since Fairy type was introduced, in generation VI, they have been weak to that. No other Pokemon has ever lacked a weakness, barring special abilities or moves that change their properties.

What Pokemon can defeat arceus?

The best Pokemon Go Arceus counters are Terrakion, Mega Blaziken, Keldeo, Lucario, Mega Rayquaza & Conkeldurr. Login to see your custom results!

What is the weakest Pokemon?

Top 30 Weakest Pokemons Ever

  1. Shedinja. First released as Pocket Monsters, most Pokémon have a unique ability, such as Shedinja’s Wonder Guard, an immunity to non-super-effective attacks [1]. …
  2. Wobbufett. Wobbufett is one of the weakest and strangest Pokemon in the franchise. …
  3. Metapod. …
  4. Eevee. …
  5. Snom. …
  6. Slakoth. …
  7. Zubat. …
  8. Marill.

What type is only weak to grass?

Water/Ground-Type Pokémon Are Only Weak To Grass

Wooper. Quagsire. Marshtomp. Swampert (and Mega Swampert)

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