Is Candy Crush Saga free?

Although Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile game, you can purchase packages from the in-game store with real money.

Candy Crush Saga is an exciting mobile game that invites players to complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board. You have to match 3 or more candies of the same color to eliminate those candies from the board.

Since it is such an amusing mobile game, several potential players have questioned whether or not the game can be enjoyed for free.

According to the game description, Candy Crush Saga is free-to-play, which suggests that you can download and play the game without any cost.

That being said, the game has an in-game shop that allows you to purchase a variety of items with real money. You can therefore purchase gold bars as well as special candies and boosters from the in-game shop.

Although it may be very tempting to purchase gold bars, special candies and boosters, it is not mandatory. You can progress in the game without spending real money.

Keep in mind, however, that if you decide not to purchase special candies and boosters, you will still be able to collect them as you complete the levels.

Unfortunately, you cannot collect gold bars for free simply by progressing in the game. Gold bars serve as Candy Crush Saga’s premium currency and thus, can only be purchased with real money.

Players can use Gold Bars to purchase additional lives, power-ups or to unlock the next set of levels in the game.

Gamers should note that it is not mandatory to purchase Gold Bars, however, it can boost your progress significantly.

Is Candy Crush Saga free?
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In-game shop

The in-game shop contains numerous packages that you can purchase with real money. These packages consist of boosts, special candies and gold bars. However, you can also purchase gold bars if you are not interested in the boosts and special candies.

The following table lists the items for sale:

Item Contents Price
Weekly Deal
  • 10 Gold Bars
Daily Deal
  • 10 Gold Bars
  • 3 Free Switch Boosters
Tasty Testers
  • 20 Gold Bars
  • 1 Booster
Dainty Bundle
  • 50 Gold Bars
  • 2 Boosters
Sweet Bundle
  • 250 Gold Bars
  • 4 Boosters
  • 1 Day Boost
  • 6 Hours Infinite Life

How to purchase a package

At the bottom of the Candy Crush Saga main screen, you will find 3 tabs, namely “Map”, “Events” and “Store”. If you select the Store tab, you will be taken to the in-game store with all the packages available for purchase.

We recommend that you scroll through all the available packages to decide which package you want to purchase. When you have selected the package that you want to purchase you can select the green icon which displays the price of the package.

Players then have to enter their payment details to complete the purchase. When you have completed the purchase, you will instantly receive the items you purchased.

Is there a cap on how many packages you can purchase?

As seen in the table above, players can purchase Weekly and Daily deals to get rich items. As its name suggests, the daily package is only available for 1 day and it resets regularly.

The weekly deal, on the other hand, resets weekly and players have an entire week to purchase that package.

The other packages will allegedly remain in the shop until you want to purchase them. We recommend that you regularly check which items are available in the Daily and Weekly packages to see if there are any valuable items available.

How to use Boosters

There are various Boosters that can help you clear a difficult level, but keep in mind that each Booster has a specific effect on the candy board.

The table below lists some of the Boosters that you can use in Candy Crush Saga:

Booster Description
Lollipop Hammer After selecting the hammer, you can click on a candy to destroy it.
Extra Moves This Booster adds 5 additional moves to your game.
Jelly Fish Summons 3 Jelly Fish to eat candies with jellies on them at random.
Color Bomb If you select this Booster, you will start with 1 color bomb on the board.
Coconut Wheel It turns 3 candies into striped candies.
Free Switch This Booster allows you to switch 2 candies that do not match without using any Moves.
Striped and Wrapped You will start with 1 striped and 1 wrapped candy on the board.

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