Indus Battle Royale Mobile launches Closed Beta before official release

You can now sign up for Indus Battle Royale’s Closed Beta to experience the exhilarating gameplay before the rest of the world.

Players can experience gunplay redefined for mobile devices in Indus Battle Royale Mobile.

You can pick your weapon from an arsenal which contains weapons ranging from sniper rifles to hand cannons. The battles were designed to provide the most exhilarating gameplay in battle royale.

Although the game has not been released officially, you can join the Closed Beta to play the game before the rest of the world. To enter the closed beta, you have to use your email address to join the waitlist.

Indus Battle Royale Mobile launches Closed Beta before official release
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The developers of the game, SuperGaming SG, will randomly select players to join the Closed Beta. If you are chosen, you will be provided with a key, which has to be entered on the Closed Beta website for you to gain access to the game.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be chosen to participate in the Closed Beta. Even if you are not selected to enjoy the Closed Beta, you can still pre-register for the game on your selected store.

You simply have to search for the game on either Google Play or the Apple Store to pre-register. Indus recently announced on X (previously known as Twitter) that they have surpassed 10 million pre-registrations on Google Play.

To celebrate this milestone, SuperGaming SG gave away 200 000 beta keys to players to allow more of them to experience the game prior to its official release.

While the Closed Beta is active, the game is hosting several tournaments that you can enjoy to earn rich rewards.

Unfortunately, SuperGaming GS has yet to announce when the game will officially be released. It is also undetermined when the Closed Beta will conclude.

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