Immortal Diaries: Adrian dates

You can go on dates with Adrian Massimo in Immortal Diaries to earn various rewards, which can impact your overall gameplay.

Immortal Diaries is an adventurous mobile game that allows players to assume the role of an orphan, who discovers that she is the last heir of a powerful family.

The game contains different chapters, each of which features an array of episodes. You will learn more about your long-lost relatives as you progress in the game.

The game has varying non-player characters (NPCs) that you will meet as you complete chapters and episodes. Every NPC you meet is part of a specific category and each category has an objective in the game.

One of the characters you can become romantically involved with is Adrian, with whom you can go on dates.

Adrian Massimo

One of the Mr. Rights you will encounter in Immortal Diaries is Adrian Massimo, but you have to complete episode 6 of the second chapter to unlock him. Adrian’s official description states, “he is a mysterious race with a thirst for blood.”

Although Adrian has supernatural abilities, he lives mostly dormant in the human world. You will first hear about him when you go to work at the auction house in the first chapter of the story, but you will only meet him in the second chapter.

After the initial meeting, you will be able to interact and do activities with Adrian. This includes texting, changing his clothing, discovering his abilities, going on dates with him, and offering him gifts.

Immortal Diaries: Adrian dates
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Immortal Diaries: Adrian dates

Once you have unlocked Adrian, you can view his profile by clicking on the “Mr Right” tab, which you can find in the main menu of the game. In the list of lovers, you will find Adrian, and you can click on his picture to view his profile.

In the new menu, you can dress him up, offer him gifts, go shopping and adjust his skills. Moreover, you can text him and go on a date with him. After you click on the date option, you will notice that there are a few chapters and episodes.

Every date has a theme, and you need to dress up according to the theme to get a high enough clothes rating to clear the stage. Players should note that each date costs 1 stamina point, which replenishes every 2 hours.

You will unlock additional dates as your intimacy with Adrian increases. Keep in mind that you have to complete the dates, or stages, consecutively. This means that you have to clear a stage before you can move on to the next.

By clearing a date story, you will get rare items, including fabric, which can be used to make new clothing for Adrian.

Immortal Diaries: Adrian dates
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Date chapters

Adrian can be taken on dates, but keep in mind that you have to meet certain clothing requirements to clear the stage. The following table lists some of the stages and describes each one:

Chapter Episode Description Clothing requirement Reward
1 1 It reveals that your character has spilled coffee on her clothes and now needs to change. It is recommended that you wear something casual for summer. For example, you can wear a nightie with poofy flip flops. ·    Silk

·    Balloon

·    Attributes Herb

1 2 It is allegedly quite cold at night, so the character is choosing practicality over fashion. It is advised that you choose casual and unisex clothing. For example, you can wear a green suede jacket with high waisted trousers and a gold bracelet. ·    Silk

·    Balloon

·    Attributes Herb

1 3 Your character’s regular clothes are not suitable for the office, and as such, you need to buy them new casual outfits. Players have to wear something luxury that works for summer, like a blue slip dress, with golden braided sandals and gold laurel earrings. ·    Silk

·    Balloon

·    Attributes Herb

Where to purchase clothing

in Immortal Diaries, to clear the dating stages, players have to wear the correct clothing. This means that you may have to purchase clothing to pass the stage. Players can purchase additional clothing from the Rose Mall, which is in the city.

Bear in mind that you have to procure Silver Cards before you can purchase clothing. Players can get Silver Cards by progressing in the story, completing daily tasks, messaging their Mr Rights, and through the Magicarium.

You should note the clothing system is gacha-based, which means that the clothing pieces you receive are randomly generated.

What are the rewards for?

If you have successfully cleared a stage, you will earn silk, a balloon, and an Attributes Herb. All three of these rewards can impact your game.

You can use Silk to exchange Adrian’s clothes in the Mr. Right tab, while a Balloon enables you to restore 1 attempt to flirt with Mr. Right. The Attribute Herb increases 1000 random attributes for a designated follower.

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