Immortal Diaries: Achievement Medals

Players can earn Achievement Medals in Immortal Diaries by completing Achievement Tasks, however, they have no purpose in the game.

Immortal Diaries is a thrilling mobile game that invites players to experience role-playing and decision-making elements.

Although the story begins in an orphanage, you can progress by following the main narrative, and at some point, you will discover that you are the last heir of a powerful family.

Players also learn more about their long-lost relatives and meet new non-player characters as they complete the chapters of the game.

The game offers players numerous activities and occasional events to participate in, but some may initially be locked. Luckily, you can gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so.

In addition to the activities, you can complete certain tasks, each of which offer you different rewards, such as Achievement Medals.


You can access your objectives by clicking on the “Tasks” tab, which is situated at the bottom of the game’s main menu. Once you have clicked on it, a pop-up menu will appear that reveals a few categories, namely, “Timed Rewards”, “Daily”, and “ACHV”, which stands for “Achievements.”

Immortal Diaries: Achievement Medals
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Every category has specific tasks that you have to complete to earn rewards. Timed Rewards are very similar to events, as they feature limited-time rewards. Players have to meet the claiming conditions to be rewarded.

The Daily Tasks consist of a variety of objectives that have to be completed within the day to receive the rewards.

Every time you complete a reward, you will get chest experience and once you have enough chest experience, you can open a chest to get additional rewards. Keep in mind that the Daily Tasks reset every day.

Immortal Diaries: Achievement Medals

In addition to Timed Rewards and Daily Tasks, players can also complete Achievement objectives. These tasks do not reset and are not bound to a specific timeframe. Instead, you will get a new Achievement Task as soon as you complete one.

There are varying types of Achievement Tasks that you can complete, such as Flirt, Total Login, Influence, Number of Followers, Story Clearance, and Set Collections, amongst others.

Each task has various sub-categories, for instance, you will get rewards when you have flirted 10 times, 20 times, 40 times, and 70 times.

Immortal Diaries: Achievement Medals
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Every time you complete one of these achievements, you will get a specific quantity of gold and Achievement Medals. Since gold is one of the main currencies in the game, it can be used for an array of purposes.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to Achievement Medals. At the moment, there is no use for Achievement Medals in Immortal Diaries.

Thus, many players feel that completing Achievement Tasks is a waste of time and effort, as there is no other reward, besides gold, for completing them.

Hence, it is recommended that you do not invest too much time and effort into completing the Achievement Tasks, but rather, that you focus on the main storyline of the game.

That being said, the chances are extremely high that you will complete some of the Achievement Tasks while you are focusing on completing the main chapters of the story.

Can gold be acquired in other ways?

Since gold is one of the main currencies in the game, it can be acquired using various methods. In addition to completing Achievement Tasks, players can go to the study to tend to Routines and Affairs.

Routines include work, research, and replenishes. Work grants gold or coins, according to your Social attribute. Research grants Potions, based on your Creation attribute, and Replenish grants Energy.

Players should note that the higher their Attributes are, the more resources they will get.

Can you exchange Achievement Medals for other items in the future?

At the moment, it is quite unclear if the game’s developer, Haoplay, will introduce the exchange feature, which means that Achievement Medals currently serve no objective in .

However, many players have expressed that there should be an in-game shop that allows them to exchange their medals for items, which can aid their gameplay. However, there are currently seemingly no plans to introduce such a system to Immortal Diaries.

Should you focus on completing the Daily and Limited time tasks?

Although it is not recommended that you focus on completing the Achievement Tasks, it is advised that you complete the Daily and Limited time tasks as quickly as possible.

This is because the rewards you earn from completing these tasks can greatly impact your gameplay. Since the tasks reset, you will only have a certain amount of time to complete them and to receive the rewards.

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