Idle Heroes: What is the best 5-star hero?

There are different factions in Idle Heroes, each of which consist of 5-star heroes; though only some are considered the best in the game.


Idle Heroes is a popular mobile game that invites players to experience tactical role-playing elements. You can control different heroes in order to fight and defeat powerful enemies in ancient ruins.

You have to upgrade your heroes and think about different strategies to become the best in the game. Players have to complete a short tutorial when they play the game for the first time, to understand the mechanics of the game.

Once it is completed, you can participate in an array of activities, but it is advised that you first procure a few heroes. The heroes in the game are divided into different categories,  determined by their statistics, strengths, and rarity.

Idle Heroes

Why are heroes important?

Even though heroes may seem like an insignificant feature, they are a crucial aspect of the game. In fact, players cannot advance in the game without any heroes in their collection. Luckily, you can procure a few heroes during the tutorial quest.

Every hero in the game has unique talents and abilities that can have a direct influence on your gameplay. Furthermore, every hero assumes a specific role on the battlefield. It is your responsibility to know which role the heroes perform in before you start a battle.

Idle Heroes: What is the best 5-star hero?

All the heroes are divided into varying categories that range from 1-star to 5-stars. The 1-star heroes are usually seen as below average performers with little potential in endgame content, while 7-star heroes are regarded as the best in the game.

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It is thus assumed that 5-star heroes are not the strongest, but their performance is above average on the battlefield. The following table lists some of the best 5-star heroes in the factions of the game:

Shadow Fortress Abyss Nature Dark Light
Blood Blade Flame Strike Kroos Demon Hunter Amuvor Faith Blade
Kamath Iceblink Skerei Vesa Sleepless Gerke
Walter Sigmund Karim Starlight Das Moge Michelle
Corpse demon Valentino        

How to acquire a 5-star hero

Players can obtain any hero in the game by heading to the summoning circle in the main menu. It is located in the southwest direction of the campaign option and is indicated by blue and white pillars with a blue light on the floor.

Once you have entered the circle, you will see 3 options on the left side of the screen – basic summon, heroic summon, and friendship summon. You can summon a 5-star hero with all 3 options, however, you first have to get a summoning scroll to summon a new hero.

Alternatively, you can collect hero shards with which to summon a specific hero. Keep in mind that every hero requires a specific number of shards to be summoned.

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What is faction restraining?

There are 6 factions in the game, each of which contain heroes ranging from 1-star to 5-stars.

Before entering a battle, you should be aware of the faction restrain, which essentially means that some factions have a disadvantage, or an advantage over another faction. However, transcendence heroes have no advantages or disadvantages over other heroes.

The following table lists the factions and the specific factions over which they have an advantage:

Faction Advantage over
Forest Shadow
Shadow Fortress
Fortress Abyss
Abyss Forest
Dark Light
Light Dark

Players should remember that faction restraints deal 30 percent more damage and their hits are increased by 15 percent.

Can 5-star heroes be upgraded?

Players can upgrade their 5-star and 6-star heroes in the Creation Circle by fusing weaker heroes together. All 3-star heroes are used in a 5-star hero fusing, but only the first hero’s level is important. This is because the fused hero will come out with the same level and equipment as the first hero.

To fuse a 5-star hero, players will need 2 4-star heroes, 4 3-star heroes, and 6 4-star heroes of the same faction. Once the fusion is completed, your 5-star hero becomes a 6-star hero.

Final thoughts

Players can enjoy engaging role-playing elements in this thrilling mobile game, Idle Heroes. The game allows you to control a variety of heroes with which you can fight and defeat enemies in a range of locations.

However, you have to upgrade heroes and develop tactical strategies to become the best in the game.

The game contains 6 different factions, each of which has heroes that rank from 1-star to 5-stars. However, only a few of the 5-star heroes are regarded as the best in the game, as they possess the best statistics and skills.

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